Weight watchers breakfast ideas

I’ve been doing weight watchers for about four months now and am starting to feel like I’ve found my groove with it. I’m getting steady consistent results and I’m not feeling hungry, which is exactly what I want! Below is a list of the types of things I’ve been eating for breakfast on a daily basis and their points values, as one of the things I have found is that I need variety both for my sanity and continued weight loss.

1. 1 slice brown toast (2pp) and 1 medium poached egg (2pp)

2. A weight watchers yogurt (1pp) and a pear

3. A weight watchers yogurt (1pp) and a light Alpen Bar (2pp)

4. 1 slice of brown toast (2pp) with Philadelphia lightest spread 

5. Two mini meringues (1pp) with a weight watchers yogurt (1pp) and some strawberries

6. 1 bananna blended with 1 egg (2pp) to make banana pancakes

7. 1 weight watchers hot chocolate (1pp) with a fruit salad

I mix up my breakfasts and rarely have the same thing two days in a row, sometimes I also use these options as somthing to have as an evening snack before bed.

My weight watchers journey: 12 weeks in

just under three months ago I declared I had joined weight watchers as I was determined to lose some weight. I was optimistic but had no idea if I could stick to the plan or if it would work for me. I’m very glad to say that so far the plan is working really well for me and I am actually quite enjoying it. Here is my progress report:

Week 1: no loss

Week 2: no loss

Week 3: 2 1/2 lbs lost

Week 4: 2 lbs lost

Week 5: 3lbs lost

Week 6: 1/2 lb lost

Week 7: 3 lbs lost

Week 8: 1/2 lb lost

Week 9: 2 lbs lost

Week 10: 3 lbs lost

Week 11: 1/2 lb on

Week 12: 2 lbs lost

This is a grand total of 18 lbs lost in 12 weeks. I hadn’t set myself any specific targets but this is more then I expected I could lose and in a shorter amount of time. I am really really please especially as now that I am used to the points system and my body has adjusted to the portion sizes and food types I don’t really feel like I’m on a diet. I won’t say it’s easy all the time as I still have my moments when I struggle but the sucess I’ve had so far just makes me want to keep going as I am finally starting to believe that I can be a slim woman again, which I wasn’t actually sure was possible!

Starting my weight watchers journey

One of things I was most looking forward to after giving birth to our second child (other then the joy of a new baby) was getting my body back into shape and getting some new yummy mummy clothes. I’m so fed up of feeling like a frumpy mum with a just throw it on as long as there isn’t too much sick/ snot on it style, I want to start taking pride in my appearance and health.

So I decided that once Max was 4 weeks old I would join weight watchers. I’ve never done a weight loss program before and was quite nervous about going. I mustered my courage and went to my first meeting three weeks ago. I don’t know why I was so nervous as everyone there was really friendly and helpful.

Weight watchers works on a point system. Every food has a point value and you can eat any food you like as long as you stick to your daily points limit, you are also given some extra weekly points to use for treats and extras which you can use as you wish, either all in one go or spread through the week.

The number of points you have to use is determined at your first weigh in as it is calculated using your starting weight. My starting weight was 12 stone which means my daily point allowance would be 26, however as I am exclusively breastfeeding I get an extra 10 points. Which means I have 36 daily points to use, plus my 49 extra points to use weekly.

I joined up to the monthly package so that I have access to the weight watchers meetings and the online resources. I’ve found the online system really useful so I’m really glad I went for the full package as it makes working out the points for food and keeping track of my points really easy, I do it all on our iPad which I always have to hand near the kitchen.

Progress to date has been slow and steady which is exactly what I want as I don’t want any drastic weight loss to affect breast feeding. My results so far are:

Starting weight 12 stone
Week 1: No weight loss
Week 2: Lost 2 and a half pounds
Week 3: I missed the weigh in, but am pretty sure I’ve lost a couple of pounds

I’m going to do some separate posts as to the foods I’m eating and some recipes and the points they add up to. I’ll also keep you posted as to my weight loss sucess. Wish me luck!