Family activities with your toddler

We recently hit a bit of a lull in inspiration of thigs to do as a family on a weekend that both Jake, now 2 and Jamie and I all enjoy. So I took to google, and I wrote a list! Now whenever the weather is fairly nice we have a look at my list of ideas and can easil pick somthing fun for us to do, it’s also nice to tick off things as we go and keep track of all the fun thigs we do as a family.

The list is based primarily in Derbyshire as this is where we live, but hopefully it will spark some ideas for others if you are in need of a bit of inspiration.

  1. Rosliston forestry center
  2. Visit Dovedale
  3. Markeaton Park in Derby
  4. Thomas land
  5. Alton towers
  6. Alton towers splash landings
  7. Twin lakes
  8. Burton adventure farm
  9. Sinibson museum 
  10. Barton Marina
  11. Go swimming
  12. Local park
  13. Visit family / friends
  14. Canal walk
  15. Sea life center
  16. Trentham gardens
  17. Twycross zoo
  18. Conkers
  19. Soft play
  20. Snow dome
  21. Guilders kingdom

If anyone else in the local area can think of any I’ve missed please let me know, we love discovering new places!