The potty training saga: Part 1

The potty training saga: Part 1

Recently Jake has been showing an interest in all things toilet related, wanting to watch people go to the toilet, wanting to flush the toilet etc, we took this as a sign that he is getting ready to be potty trained. 

As if by magic an opportunity came up from the lovely people at  when they offered me the chance to receive and review one of their amazing personalised potty training books. I took this as a sign. We are ready to potty train! 

The next day I went out with Jake and bought him a potty, some big boy pants and some chocolate buttons for reward purposes. Things were looking good. A couple of days later our Pirate Jake’s Potty book arrived, Jake loves it and I was very impressed! 

The book is beautifully written and illustrated and explains everything a budding potty user would need to know to feel at ease using the potty. The language used is clear and easy to understand. Add on top of this that the book is personalised with Jakes name, and his hair colour and style it really makes Jake realise that the book is for him which he absolutely loves. We read through the book a number of times with Jake and it has really helped explain to him what to expect from potty training. 

Day one of potty training went really well, Jake will sit on the potty and read his special book with me and did a number of wee’s in return for a chocolate button. Both Jake and I were feeling very proud!

As the days went on however we hit a bit of a wall. Jake can wee on demand if I put him on the potty. But we can’t seem to get to the stage where he can recognise in advance that he needs a wee himself, so when he is in his pants we had a lot of accidents, again and again and again. So for now we have given up with the potty training as I just don’t think he is completely ready. We are however still getting Jake to use the potty a couple of times a day before we go out and before bed. Hopefully as Jake gets older he will start to ask to use the potty and maybe the rest will come by way of natural progression. 

When we do finally get potty trained I will do another post to let you know how it actually went!

Note: I was sent our Penwizard book free of change for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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