The potty training saga: Part 1

The potty training saga: Part 1

Recently Jake has been showing an interest in all things toilet related, wanting to watch people go to the toilet, wanting to flush the toilet etc, we took this as a sign that he is getting ready to be potty trained. 

As if by magic an opportunity came up from the lovely people at  when they offered me the chance to receive and review one of their amazing personalised potty training books. I took this as a sign. We are ready to potty train! 

The next day I went out with Jake and bought him a potty, some big boy pants and some chocolate buttons for reward purposes. Things were looking good. A couple of days later our Pirate Jake’s Potty book arrived, Jake loves it and I was very impressed! 

The book is beautifully written and illustrated and explains everything a budding potty user would need to know to feel at ease using the potty. The language used is clear and easy to understand. Add on top of this that the book is personalised with Jakes name, and his hair colour and style it really makes Jake realise that the book is for him which he absolutely loves. We read through the book a number of times with Jake and it has really helped explain to him what to expect from potty training. 

Day one of potty training went really well, Jake will sit on the potty and read his special book with me and did a number of wee’s in return for a chocolate button. Both Jake and I were feeling very proud!

As the days went on however we hit a bit of a wall. Jake can wee on demand if I put him on the potty. But we can’t seem to get to the stage where he can recognise in advance that he needs a wee himself, so when he is in his pants we had a lot of accidents, again and again and again. So for now we have given up with the potty training as I just don’t think he is completely ready. We are however still getting Jake to use the potty a couple of times a day before we go out and before bed. Hopefully as Jake gets older he will start to ask to use the potty and maybe the rest will come by way of natural progression. 

When we do finally get potty trained I will do another post to let you know how it actually went!

Note: I was sent our Penwizard book free of change for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

If you would like to get your own Penwizard book go to where you can choose from a variety of different designs to personalise, at a cost of £14.99 

Getting ready for Fathers Day with Snapfish

When Snapfish offered me the chance to spend £40 on their photo and gift ordering website I jumped at the chance. We love photos in our house we have them in almost every room and I love taking photos of the kids, so its always nice to get a chance to look at some new ways to squeeze a few more photo’s into our house!

What better opportunity to also get a little something for Jamie for Fathers day : ) (If you are also going to do this, the last date for fathers day gifts is 15th June) I had a good look around the Snapfish website and was very tempted to get a photo canvas done, except Jamie got me one for Mothers day so I wanted to be a bit more original. In the end I decided to go for one larger present for him which is a personalised photo travel mug (I’ll share the pic of this after Fathers day) as well as an array of smaller gifts which are for all of us to enjoy. These were some photo key-rings and an assortment of photo fridge magnets.

The ordering process was really quick and easy and I did the whole thing from my iPad, whilst cooking dinner and looking after a baby and a toddler (Yes, I am wonder woman! )  a couple of days later all of our wonderful photo gifts arrived. The print and quality on all of the products is really good and clear, but I must say I am particularly impressed with the photo magnets as the pictures and colours are just so vivid, I’m already planning on ordering some more!IMG_1433

With most of the products on offer you have the opportunity to add text and personalise things. I kept most of my pictures plain but I did choose to add text to the travel mug and one of the photo magnets to make them seam more “gifty”. On the additional magnets I plan on making I’m going to do a picture of each of the kids and some text that says “Jake’s Art” and use them to hold the kids artwork to our fridge.

All in all I’m really pleased with my Snapfish haul, and want to say a big thank you to Snapfish for giving me the opportunity to get some great products. The service is definitely one I plan on using again.


Note: Snapfish provided me with a £40 gift voucher in order to write this review, all opinions expressed are my own.


Review: Personalised Cake

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to who asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their cakes. The unique selling point of is that all of their cakes come delivered to you through the normal post i.e literally through your letterbox. In the style of Jerry Maguire they had me at the mention of “cake” so I of course jumped at the chance to be offered one of their cakes to try – who wouldn’t’!?!?

After the excitement of free cake died down I took a look at the BakerDays website which can be found HERE and was really impressed with the offering that they have. Being able to deliver straight to you house is not their only great selling point.WP_20141202_001

The thing I was most impressed with was the variety of both cakes and designs that they had available. You can choose a number of different types of cake from standard vanilla or chocolate to gluten or dairy free, and the amount of designs that are available is quite astonishing, far exceeding anything you could possibly find on the high street! Such as graduation cakes, new jobs, baby showers, holy communion, driving test cakes and many many more. To literally add the icing on the cake (hehe) the cakes can also be personalised with your own message or even photo!WP_20141202_004

As the Christmas season is upon us I chose to have a chocolate cake decorated in a personalised Christmas design. When our box landed on our doorstep needless to say I was very excited to see what was inside (plus a little bit worried about finding a smashed up cake) When we opened the box I was again suitably impressed, not only did we receive the cake in absolutely perfect condition. But it came packaged in a lovely cake tin along side a card and envelope we could write on and a Christmas cracker. Everything was perfect, I can really see how these would make a great gift to send to a loved one as a brilliant alternative to getting a bunch of flowers delivered somewhere. WP_20141202_005

Despite the cake arriving at 9am we managed to wait until lunch to sample it. The cake itself was lovely and moist inside and the icing was fresh and soft, again I would say it was of a higher quality then you could find on the high street and we thoroughly enjoyed eating it : )

So a big thank you goes out to the lovely people at for letting me sample and enjoy one of their cakes. I’m hoping to do a competition with Bakerdays to allow a reader to win their own cake also, but just have some details to firm up fist, so watch this space…….


Note: For the purpose of this review provided me with a letterbox cake free of change. All opinions expressed are my own

Review: The Grolight Night Light

I have long been a big fan of the Grobag so when I was contacted by the company to try out and review their new night light I was quite intrigued. My initial reaction was about to be, letting them know that we don’t use a night light for Jake, the reason being there are no suitable plug sockets in his room where a normal nightlight could be fitted, so we instead leave the landing light on all night. However on closer reading of the description of the Grolight night light it appears this is actually the night light of my dreams, that I haven’t even been looking for. It must be fate….WP_20141128_004

The thing about the GroLight night light which is so amazing (I don’t know if this is common for night lights these days, but it pretty amazing and unique to me!) is that it actually fits into the celling light in your child’s room. The fitting basically fits in-between the bayonet fitting from the celling and the light bulb. And through some sort of electrical magic it means that when you turn the light on in your child’s room the light first lights up in a soft “night lightly glow” as opposed to being the full strength of your normal light bulb. If you do want the normal light to come on you flick the light switch twice in quick succession ie. on, off, on and your normal light is turned on.

It truly is quite amazing. This has been the perfect solution for us as it means we don’t have to place a night light in Jake’s room at a plug socket in an unsuitable place and we also don’t need to leave the landing light on all night either. The night light is always set up and ready to go so its quick and easy to use. I couldn’t recommend it any more highly. WP_20141128_007

Its so lovely when something literally turns up at your door that you weren’t really looking for, but turns out to be exactly what you needed the whole time!

If you would like to find out more about the Grolight night light or purchase one for yourself you can have a look at their website HERE


Note: The lovely people from Grobag provided me with the Grolight night light free of change for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

A day out in Lincoln

On our way to our Haven Holiday (read about it here) we stopped off for a day in Lincoln, a city neither of us has ever visited before. We parked by the waterfront in an NCP carpark which cost us £10 for the day, I’m sure cheaper car parks are available if you are in the know, but this was really central and easy for us so we just went with it. DSC05520

The waterfront is a lovely area to walk around and is where all of the nice bars and restaurants are, there is also a holiday inn which is in such a great location we both said if we came for an overnight visit we would stay there. The town centre was a short walk from the waterfront as was easily signposted, it looked like all of you usual high street shops were represented but we didn’t spend any time shopping.

We went straight up Steep Hill (which certainly lives up to its name) which is a lovely old cobbled street with some lovely little boutique style shops, cafe’s and bakery’s. At the top of the hill is the castle and the cathedral, both of which are well worth a visit. The castle is currently being renovated and as such large portions of it are shut, though you can still enjoy the grounds, as result of this they have lowered their prices to just £2 per adult which we felt was worth it just to have a wander around the grounds.DSC05552

The cathedral is quite stunning and we would have loved to look around but unfortunately there was a special service happening so we were unable to go in, so just had to admire it from the outside.

We were only in Lincoln for  few hours but we had a lovely day and there was more we would have done if we had more time, its well worth a day out and I think it would make a lovely weekend break.