Monthly goals: April

Wow it’s April!! The year is going so fast it’s crazy! I haven’t done any monthly goals for the last couple of months, as just surviving with a new born baby seamed like goal enough. But now it’s time to get back into the swing of things so here goes: 

 1. Keep going to weight watchers and don’t lose momentum 

2. Try to exercise at least once a week, I know this isn’t really enough but at the moment just fitting in one session is really difficult.

 3. Take Jake swimming every week.

4. Have a nice family day out for my birthday 

5. Send out Easter cards 

6. Work on Max sleeping better in his crib 

7. Express milk more regularly

That’s it for this month! I think April is going to be a good one : ) 

My monthly goals: January 2015

Wow it’s January already! Which means in a couple of weeks my blog is one year old! Writing down my monthly goals is something I’ve been down from the very beginning and I’m really glad I have as it’s nice to not only hold myself accountable to do things but also to be able to look back over the year and remind myself that I have actually achieved quite a few things.

Here are my goals for January:

1) Have a baby:

Baby no 2 is due on the 19th of Jan and I have a c section booked for the 29th if we do go that far over due, so either way we will be having a baby in January!

2) Make sure all baby items are ready:

This is more or les done already, but I know I’ll be going over and checking everything a few more times.

3) Do a couple more slow cooker meals:

I got a slow cooker for Christmas and want to build up an array of easy and cheap meals that I can just churn out as and when required without too much thought.

4) Keep on top of all housework:

I know this should be something I always do, but sometimes we do tend to fall behind and them it takes a “big clean” to get everything. Back to standard. My aim in life is to do my housework is small but often chunks getting things done everyday and I’m trying to get in the habit before baby no 2 arrives as I know my routines need to be firmly established in order to survive the new baby mayhem.

5) Start introducing Jake to the potty:

This is much sooner then planned. However Jake is constantly leaking through his nappy during the night and waking up very unhappy. The only solution we can see is to try to get him to have a wee on the potty before bed each night to help him stay dry.

That’s it for this month as I know having a baby is likely to turn our world upside down for a few weeks!

My December goals

Firstly, how on earth is it December already!?!? I don’t feel at all prepared for winter, Christmas or baby No2! I just don’t know how all of this crept up on me, so I have quite a few goals for December, despite me saying in November I need to start slowing down due to being rather pregnant. It’s just not going to happen! So let’s crack on…..

1) finish decorating Jakes big boy room.

We managed to go to ikea and assemble Jakes new furniture in November so just have the finishing touches to do before he can move in!

2) Move Jake and all his clothes and toys into his new bedroom.

This makes me both excited and nervous. I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up, but am also conscious that we may be rushing the process slightly as we need the nursery freed up for baby no 2.

3) Get all the baby things out of the garage and set up ready for baby no 2.

We haven’t even started any of this yet, and it is actually starting to play on my mind, I must be starting the nesting phase of pregnancy!

4) Finish buying everything I need for Christmas

Despite me telling all members of our family that I will be buying presents early so as to not be waddling round the shops when heavily pregnant some people still haven’t to,d me what they would like for Christmas! I’m going to give it a few more days, then they all get vouchers!!!

5) Get the baby bag packed!

OMG I can’t believe that baby no2 is close enough that I need to pack my hospital bag!!

6) Try to pre write some blogs for when baby arrives.

I’m starting to get a good momentum up with my blogging now and don’t want to lose it all when baby comes. However realistically I know that blogging will be on the very bottom of my list of priorities for some time after the new baby arrives so I’m hoping to be as prepared as possible.

I think that’s enough to goals for December especially as we’re almost a week in already!

November Goals

As I’m now almost 30 weeks pregnant I know I need to be realistic with my goals for this month and not try to do too much, the problem is I also want to try to do as much as I can to make December and January as easy on me as possible. It’s all about finding the right balance I suppose.

Take Jake to baby yoga:

This is a new class that is starting up near us for 6 weeks. I’m very aware that Jake and I aren’t getting out of the house as much recently as I’m finding long walks with the pram a bit more tiring, and knowing that when the new baby arrives we will probably go through a period of not getting out and about much at all I really want to make an effort to do some quality activities while I can so this sounded right up our street and is completely different to any thing we have done before.

Get baby clothes out and sorted:

Everything is still in the garage at the moment so I’m feeling quite unprepared and know I will feel better once I have sorted through everything.

Paint both children’s rooms:

This is really one for Jamie to do now as we have been putting it off for a while : ) but our aim is to get them both done before Christmas.

Go to Centre Parcs:

We’re going to winter wonderland again in a few weeks and I can’t’ wait! It was so magical last year we’re really excited to go again and start feeling all christmassy.

Get the Christmas shopping done early:

I can not think of anything worse them trying to battle through the Christmas shoppers whilst heavily pregnant, so I’m aiming to get all of our presents bought as early as possible this year, so I can wrap them and then forget about them until the big day.

Monthly Goals: May

I’m a little bit late in recapping my April goals and planning goals for May as out holiday took us into May and then I blinked and another week had gone by! I just don’t know how it happened!!

Here’s the progress report on how I got on with my April goals:

Decorate the Kitchen – We’ve made a start by painting one wall and putting up some pictures, but have since decided we don’t like the colour and need to start again. sigh.

Send out Easter cards – yup – I sent out some lovely Easter cards I got from the Card Factory which were 8 for £1 and put in a lovely picture of Jake dressed as a rabbit in them  🙂

Go for a picnic – yup – We’ve had a couple of nice days in April and have managed to make it to the park at lunch time for a picnic.

Get some pictures up in our bedroom – Fail  – still can’t find the perfect pictures.

Paint the downstairs toilet – We’ve started but not finished

Make a plan for the Garden – I haven’t really made a plan, but I have planted some flowers and strawberry plants so I think this counts.

Work on Jakes photo book – Nope – not even looked at it – whoops.

Do some exercise every day – no again – I don’t even know why I wrote something so unrealistic! But IK have joined the gym and am averaging three time a week which I am pretty pleased with.

Take Jake to play group – Yep  – We’ve been a few times and Jake really likes it so we’re going to stick with it – none of the mums have talked to me yet but I’ll keep trying to look friendly : )

Do something crafty with Jake – Fail again – must try harder with this one

Celebrate my Birthday : ) – YES! We had a lovely day out shopping then went out for lunch, I also got a beautiful bunch of flowers from my two favourite men : )


OK now for May’s goals:

Keep going to the gym – and working hard whilst there.

Finish decorating the downstairs toilet and utility room

Get conservatory furniture

Put a chalk board up in the garden

Book a hair appointment

Take Jake swimming

Try to tweet more regularly to increase visitors to blog

Start going to baby signing again