A day in our life: A toddler and a newborn

Max is now 10 weeks old and Jake is 21 months. Jamie is back at work after paternity leave and it is very fair to say that life with a toddler and a new born is very hectic and quite messy! Here is how a typical day seams to go for us:

1am: Max usually wakes up for a feed, I breastfeed him and put him straight back to bed in his crib by our bed.

4am: Max will wake up for another feed, and may restlessly go back to sleep for another couple of hours, if not Jamie and I will take it in turns to hold him so the other person can get a bit more sleep.

6am: Max has just settled down to sleep and Jake wakes up. We all have a family cuddle in bed before heading down stairs

6.30am – 9am Jake has his milk and then breakfast whilst watching cartoons. Jamie and I will both have breakfast and then take it in turns to get dressed. Then Jamie will look after the boys whilst I try to get some housework done, usually I manage to get a clothes wash in and load the dish washer and clean the kitchen up from dinner last night.

9am – 12pm: Jamie goes to work so I’m on my own with the boys. Jake usually goes down for his only nap of the day at about 10am and will sleep for about 1 to 1 and a half hours. During this time if Max is awake I try to give him some focused attention on his play mat and having some tummy time. If Max is also asleep while Jake is ( this doesn’t happen often) then I will do a bit more housework and then perhaps have aa short amount of time to go on Twitter or write a blog post. When Jake wakes up we will play in the living room with Max watching us from his bouncy chair. Max will have had another feed in this time also.

12 – 1pm Jamie comes downstairs for lunch which we try to eat in the conservatory.

1-4pm: I try to get out of the house with the boys going for a walk with our double buggy to the shops or the park. Then it’s back home for more playing at home. Max will have another feed.

4pm: Jake will be getting tired so he will have a quiet hour with his dummy and some cartoons on TV while I take Max into the kitchen with me and start putting dinner on. These days I cook most of our meals from scratch so it does usually take me about an hour to get dinner sorted, I will also try to do as much kitchen cleaning and laundry sorting as I can at the same time.

5-6.30pm: Jamie finishes work and we all have dinner together as a family. Then it’s more playing in the living room, usually with Jamie and Jake running around like maniacs! 

6.30 -7.15pm: We start winding down! Jake has his bed routine of bath, PJ’s, milk , book, bed. Max will also have a bath, PJ’s and a feed. 

7.15 – 8pm Jake goes up to bed and takes about 30 mins to settle. Max will also hopefully start to settle down too. We do a quick tidy up of the living room and have showers and get ready for bed ourselves.

8 – 9.30pm we chill out in front of the tv and then head up to bed as soon as we are sure Max is settled.

Then it all begins again! ……. 

A day in our life: with a 17 month old

A day in our life with a 17 month old is still very similar to a day in our life with an 11 month old as we now have some good well established routines that haven’t changed much over the last six months. The biggest difference is that Jake is much more independent and often wants to play on his own without input from me. Here is how our day usually pans out..

7.30 am. Jake wakes us up. He is now generally waking up a little bit later which is really nice. We take it in turns each day to get Jake out of his cot, change him and dress him.

7.45 am. We all go down stairs. Jake has his milk followed by a bowl of weatabix with saltanas. He now eats his weatabix on his own with a spoon! Which is lovely to see and makes him seem so grown up! During this time Jamie and I both get dressed and have breakfast.

9 am. Jamie goes to work.

9am – 12pm. Jake and I will either go out somewhere either to a baby class (we currently do baby signing and toddler yoga) or will play at home in the livingroom. Jake is much more independent now when he is playing which gives me more time to do some housework / watch this morning : )

12pm – 1pm. Jamie comes down from work and we all have lunch together.

1pm. Jake will go down for a nap, he sometimes has a small nap in the morning, if so he will nap for about an hour. But if I’ve managed to keep him awake all morning he may have up to a two hour nap. During this time I get some housework done or sometimes have a little nap myself ( I am pregnant so think it’s justified! )

3pm. Jake wakes up and we either play at home or go out to the shops or for a walk.

5pm. Jamie comes back from work and plays with Jake while I cook dinner.

5.30 pm. We all eat dinner together.

6pm. More play time. Jamie tends to take the lead at this time of day while I enjoy watching their antics from the sofa. It usually involves lots of running around and screaming!

7pm. Jake gets his PJ’s on and sits with me for 15 minutes of quiet time with his milk before bed.

7.15pm. Jamie takes Jake up to bed and does a couple of books with Jake in his room.

7.30 pm Jake goes to bed.

So there was our day, over in a flash as usual!

A day in our life: With an 11 month old

There haven’t been too many changes to our daily routine since my last “Day in our life” piece (HERE) when Jake was 8 months, though there a a couple subtle yet important differences.

6.15am – Wake up to here Jake chattering away in his cot, for some reason he now wakes up a bit earlier then he used to, but I’m not sure why. After a quick cuddle in bed Jamie goes an gets Jakes bottle on while I change and dress him, he then has his bottle in bed with us.

7.30am – here is one of the important differences! I’ve started going to the gym and manage a couple of mornings a week. Where as pre baby I would have struggled to get out of bed before 9am, Jake has forced me to become a morning person, so much so that by 7.30am I feel as though half the day is almost gone! So while I’m at the gym Jamie and Jake have breakfast and play downstairs.

8.30am I’m back from the gym and play with Jake (I’m still a sweaty mess at this point!) while Jamie gets ready for work

9am Jake goes down for a nap in his cot while I have a shower and get dressed, and try to do some housework before Jake wakes up again

10am – Jake wakes up and we usually go out either for a walk, to the shops or to a baby group

12pm – We all have lunch together

1pm – Jamie goes back to work. Jake and I have the afternoon to our selves. We might go out somewhere again, if not we’ll just play in the living room. Jake plays a lot more on his own these days, which is really lovely to watch, but can sometimes make the afternoon a bit slow for me.

5pm Jamie finishes work and plays with Jake while I make dinner.

5.30 – We eat dinner then do the washing up

6pm – We have a quick play before it is time for Jakes bath and PJ’s.

6.30pm – I sit down with Jake for some quiet time and give him his bottle. Sometimes he will fall asleep straight after his bottle in which case I put him straight in bed.

7.30 pm If Jake isn’t already asleep he now goes to bed anyway with Jamie and I going up every few minutes to lie him down and tell him it is bed time, this usually wont go on past 8pm. At this point one of us may or may not go to the gym.

8pm – The rest of our evening if to ourselves

Its hard to believe how normal our lives have become again since having Jake 11 months ago, when life with a new-born seamed so hard! I can see why it is at this stage that couples start to feel ready to start thinking about baby number 2 as life has become normal again.

A day in our life: With an 8 month old baby

Thankfully a day in our life with an 8 month old is very different to how things were when we had a newborn!

6.45 am Our day starts here when we hear Jake chattering away in his Cott. Jamie will go and get him and bring him into our room for a good morning cuddle. (I’m usually a bit wobbly on my feet first thing!)

7am We take it in turns each day, one person goes and gets Jakes bottle ready while the other changes his bottom. Jake then has his bottle in bed with us.

8am Jamie and Jake go downstairs while I get up and dressed – This is a small part of the day that I really value and apprechiate, having the time to get dressed in peace and quiet.

8.30 I go downstairs and get Jake dressed and give him his breakfast while Jamie gets dressed and ready for work.WP_20140220_020

9 – 12pm Jamie is working in his office. JakeĀ and I will either go for a walk into town or perhaps the park or we will stay in a play in the living room. Jake will usually have about a 40 minute nap just after his breakfast and then sometimes another nap either just before or just after his lunch. While Jake is napping I will rush round the house challenge Anika style trying to do as much housework as possible while Jake is asleep.

12 – 1pm Jamie comes downstairs and all three of us have lunch together. Then Jamie and Jake do some quality daddy and baby playing and I welcome the chance to sit on the sofa!

1 – 5pm Jake and I spend the afternoon together, a couple of times a week we go out with my Dad who has a walk with Jake while I go for a run. Other times we might visit friends. If not we’ll spend the afternoon at home. Jake has his bottle at 3pm and probably have another nap too (more housework for me!) I’ll start cooking dinner at about 4.30 Jake will play in his travel cot which is set up in our kitchen while I cook.

5 – 6pm Jamie finishes work and we all eat dinner together, then do the dishes. For some reason this is also something I really enjoy : )

6 – 7pm Jake and Jamie have about half an hour so do some more playing. Then Jake has his bath and PJ’s on for about 6.45, he then has his bed time bottle sitting with me on the sofa.WP_20140226_011

7 – 10pm Jake goes to bed in his own room at about 7.30 Jamie and I then have the evening to ourselves to watch TV, play on the play station, have showers, read, blog etc.

We then go to bed at about 10pm, Jake will wake once or twice during the night, but usually just needs his dummy putting back in his mouth and he will go back to sleep.

All in all I have to say things are pretty idyllic at the moment. I really love that we now have time in the day for us all to have quality time with each other, and we’re all getting the sleep that we need – it really does make all the difference!