My weight watchers journey: 12 weeks in

just under three months ago I declared I had joined weight watchers as I was determined to lose some weight. I was optimistic but had no idea if I could stick to the plan or if it would work for me. I’m very glad to say that so far the plan is working really well for me and I am actually quite enjoying it. Here is my progress report:

Week 1: no loss

Week 2: no loss

Week 3: 2 1/2 lbs lost

Week 4: 2 lbs lost

Week 5: 3lbs lost

Week 6: 1/2 lb lost

Week 7: 3 lbs lost

Week 8: 1/2 lb lost

Week 9: 2 lbs lost

Week 10: 3 lbs lost

Week 11: 1/2 lb on

Week 12: 2 lbs lost

This is a grand total of 18 lbs lost in 12 weeks. I hadn’t set myself any specific targets but this is more then I expected I could lose and in a shorter amount of time. I am really really please especially as now that I am used to the points system and my body has adjusted to the portion sizes and food types I don’t really feel like I’m on a diet. I won’t say it’s easy all the time as I still have my moments when I struggle but the sucess I’ve had so far just makes me want to keep going as I am finally starting to believe that I can be a slim woman again, which I wasn’t actually sure was possible!

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