A big clear out

Now that we are a family of four, we no longer have the use of a spare room / dumping ground and we have an awful lot of baby and toddler items everywhere!

The overall effect of this on me is the whole house feels slightly too cluttered and claustrophobic. When I find a quiet, clean, empty part of the house (there aren’t many!) I relish it.

So it’s time to do something about it and become master of my own universe. I am therefore slowly going around the house and having a good old clear out. So far I have done the following:

1. Thrown away a bin bag full of shoes from under our stairs
2. Thrown away a bin bag of clothes from our closet
3. De cluttered and tidied my cooking / tupaware cupboard in the kitchen
4. Removed and tidied some of Jakes toys so he has less out at a time and we can do toy rotation

On my hit list still to do is:

1. Streamline my under the sink cleaning products
2. Clear out my make up draw
3. Clear out my socks and underwear draw
4. Clear out my jewlery
5. Tidy out utility room and put more storage in it.

So far I’m on a roll, and am feeling much happier in our living environment with out too much clutter in the way.

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