I’m back!

This is just a quick post to say thank you all for sticking with me while I’ve had some time away from the blog while I had our second baby.

The birth went well and myself and baby Max are doing great. I’m working on a birth story post where I will go into more detail. Life at the moment is very hectic and tiring so the blog has fallen by the way side for a while – it will never come before the children and family life so that’s fine with me. But I am starting to get the odd few minutes here and there where I’d like to start getting back to doing something for myself, to start with I need to focus on showering lol!! But once I’ve got that ticked off I’m planning on trying to blog again.

The great thing about having a little time away from the blog is that it helps me realise that I do still enjoy blogging and that there are still loads of things I’m excited about writing about.

So watch this space, new blog posts will be coming soon…..