Budget family meal: BBQ pulled pork in Jacket Potatoes

I am typing this post as this meal currently cooks in my kitchen, it’s the first time I’ve made it before and I can already tell you it’s going to be a family favourite! I was running though the costs in me head as I was doing the food prep and I just can’t believe how cheap it is considering how tasty and fresh it is too!

Here is the cost break down:

The pork I’m using is the left over pork from a pork leg I cooked in the slow cooker for Sunday dinner it was £3.80 and I have already used 2 servings for Sunday dinner and 2 in sandwiches for lunch today. This meal is using up the last of it meaning it will have been used for 6 servings in total = £1.26

1/3 of a carton on mushrooms = £0.30
1 cup full of tomato juice = £0.10
4 table spoons of BBQ sauce = £0.35
Two Baking potatoes = £0.50

Total = £2.51 for two people

Total per person = £1.25

Amazing value!

In case you are wondering about my method. I have shredded the pork and then added it to a pan of cooking mushrooms that I’ve finely chopped. I then poured in the tomato juice and BBQ sauce and cooked it slowly until the sauce thickens a bit. This is them sloshed on top of a slow cooked crispy baked potato : )

It’s an extremely simple meal and is so easy to do but somehow has quite a special indulgent feel to it. I’m already thinking of ways I will used the BBQ pulled pork for future parties and BBQ’s as the value is just so great!

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