My birth plan:

When We went in to give birth with Jake we didn’t really have much by way of a birth plan. I know that ultimately the baby decides what’s happening and I had no idea how I would cope with the pain etc. So my plan was to stay as natural as possible,e as long as possible, then using gas and air and the injection as pain relief if required. Due to my fear of needles and operations I didn’t want an epidural or a C-section. My caveat to this being I would always listen to and take the advice of the medical professionals to do what was best for me and the baby.

Typically I ended up having a traumatic birth ending in an emergency C-section. An experience I am still not fully emotionally recovered from.

This time round I as a result of my past experience I have been far more anxious about the prospect of giving birth so we have a much more thought out plan in order to try to help me stay as calm as possible. Here it is:

– As long as it is ok to do so I will stay at home as long as possible when labour starts. I feel calmer and safer in my home environment and think time will pass quicker with the distractions and comforts of life at home

– As with last time I aim to go as natural as possible for as long as possible, with the use of pain relief as and when required. Again with a preference not to have an epidural or C-section

– However – if things don’t look as though they are going to plan. I may elect to have a more “planned” C section before things really hit emergency levels again. Also if I go overdue a Planned C section has already been booked in for me. I still in no way want a C section, but if it comes down to it I’d rather have a calm planned one then a traumatic emergency one.

– I have a list of techniques I will be employing to help stay calm and focused during labour or if I become distressed these are:

1. Listening to music
2. Practicing deep breathing relaxation
3. Practicing muscle relaxation
4. Giving myself hand massages
5. Talking and distracting myself
6. Reading positive affirmations that I am calm and safe
7. Staying active by walking and using the birthing ball

Hopefully having a slightly more thought out plan will help me to remain calm and in control. At the least it is helping put my mind at rest before labour.


6 thoughts on “My birth plan:

  1. Fingers crossed all goes well. I wrote a c section birth plan over on my blog, might be worth a look so you have a back up plan in place x

  2. All the very best for you lovely! I had a horrendous birth first time round – five day early labour, big baby that got stuck, emergency forceps delivery… but managed natural births in the midwife led birth unit second and third time around xx

  3. I really hope you have a better experience this time lovely, sounds like a great plan you have there to keep you calm and relaxed but it is a good idea to have the planned c-section as a back up. My planned section with Monkey was a lovely, calm experience, with LM it was a bit more rushed and stressful but because I had been through it once it didn’t freak me out (though had that been my first I think I would have been terrified!). I really hope you don’t need to go down that route though hon! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

  4. Oh bless you I really hope you get the relaxed birth you want. Everyone keeps saying to me, it is easier second time around and only time will tell for both of us but either way, we will get to meet our babies yay 🙂 #MaternityMondays

  5. Really hope that things go to plan this time around and that if you do end up needing another caesarean that it will be a nice calm planned one instead. Those techniques to help you stay calm and focused sound great – I used hypnotherapy techniques with both my labours and found them very helpful. Wishing you all the best.

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