My blog 1 year on:

It’s really hard to believe that this blog is now one year old! The last year has gone by incredibly fast with our baby boy growing into a toddler and falling pregnant with baby no 2 that’s it’s no surprise that time seems to have flown by in such a blur.

I’m really proud that I have managed to keep blogging for a whole year, all be it with a mini break when I was in the early stages of pregnancy. I have found that I have had ups and downs with the blog, the main issue I’ve had is finding my place in the blogging world and working out how much of a priority the blog is for me, and accepting the answer to these questions.

At first I tried to keep pace with other blogs that I read in terms of the number of posts and I had hopes that perhaps in the future I could earn some pocket money from my blog. Both of these ideals put too much pressure on me and my enjoyment for the blog dwindled. Now that I have decided that the blog is not going to ever earn me any money, but is instead a little place for me to express myself, and feel part of a larger community for my enjoyment and relaxation. I am enjoying the belonging process much more.

I don’t hold myself to a schedule or timetable of when to blog. The blog fits into my life not the other way around. Some weeks I may do a number of blog posts some weeks I may not do any. This is ok, it doesn’t make me a bad blogger, just a real person with a hobby not a job.

I have enjoyed writing about a number of topics including days out and holidays, reviews, recipes, home decoration and all things baby and toddler related these tend to be the areas that I am most comfortable writing about, though in the future I may try to branch out a little further.

I still very much feel that the blog is still in its infancy and I know that I still have a lot to learn about blogging, using wordpress, writing and social media. As long as I go at my own pace I know I can gradually learn more and improve my skills. It will be interesting to see how the blog developed in the next year to come….

One thought on “My blog 1 year on:

  1. Happy blog birthday. A lot has happend in your first year of blogging, i hop i am still blogging when it gets to my blog birthday. I also have a lot to learn and tried to keep up with blogs i follow but blogging everyday is not for me and i will never be a pro blogger or anything like that. I very much just blog as a hobby and thats all i ever want it to be. I bet the next year is just as amazing for you as you welcome baby no two soon xx

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