What’s in my hospital bag:

Well I have finally gotten around to packing my hospital bag ready for the arrival of baby no2 -it’s all starting to feel very real now!

So I thought I’d share with you what I packed. When I had Jake I had a long labour followed by a six day hospital stay, so believe me when I say I really know what I need this time around!

Things for me, during labour:

A long nightie/ T-shirt for giving birth in – keeps a bit of modesty when you are pacing around etc.


Hair band / hair bobbles – there is nothing worst then having sweaty hair stuck to your face!

Baby wipes/ wet wipes – To keep you feeling fresh and alert.

iPod and mini speakers – We didn’t take these last time but I’m hoping that some background music might help the early hours go a bit quicker, and the later hours to feel slightly calmer.

Bottle of squash

Snacks: cereal bars, crisps, raisins – I wasn’t allowed to eat much when I was in labour last time, but this time I plan to lightly graze during the early labour stages to try to keep my energy (and moral) up.


Phone and charger – vital if I am kept in overnight without Jamie

Things for me, post giving birth:

Two vests and PJ bottoms – post birth I found a vest much easier to wear when trying to breast feed then wearing a nightie

A thin cotton dressing gown – hospitals are unbearably hot so a fleecy dressing gown is a big no go to me, but I still want something to cover up in when we have visitors

Five pairs of knickers – you can never have too many clean knickers!

Maternity pads

Breast pads

Nipple cream

Mini toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturiser, loofa.

Make up and toiletries

Large towel and small hand towel

Comfy clothes to travel home in – for me leggings and a hoodie

Things for hubby:

Snacks: large bottle of water, sandwich, crisps, cereal bar, chocolate. Our labour was so long last time and Jamie didn’t want to leave my side I started to get really worried that he would pass out for just not getting chance to eat all day. This time I plan to send him/ go with him to the canteen for a hot meal when we are in early labour, and then have plenty of snacks for him in the delivery room also. I know I’ll need all of his support and help giving birth, so think it’s really important that he is well fed and at his best throughout.

Clean tshirt/ Tooth brush / deodorant – when I had Jake, Jamie was with me in hospital from 7am until after Jake was born at 4 am the next day. By which time he was very hot, sticky and uncomfortable himself so having some things at hand for him to freshen up a bit would have been really helpful.



Things for baby:

Vests x5
Sleep suit x 5
Fluffy suit for coming home
Hat x 2
Scratch mits
Baby blanket
Baby towel
Cotton wool
Nappy bags
Nappies x 15

Super Busy Mum

5 thoughts on “What’s in my hospital bag:

  1. Good list! I had a long first labour too. We hadn’t really thought about packing snacks for Mr TB but I couldn’t keep anything down so he had everything we had packed for me. Food will be top of our packing list for baby 2 in April 🙂

  2. I did a similar hospital bag series over on my blog if you fancy a nosey! 🙂
    I found that my 2nd was so much faster and didn’t end up using half of it lol.
    BUT I did wish I’d have taken more baby clothes in different sizes as I had a 10b baby and wasn’t prepared!!! lol Lots of luck lovely!!

  3. Flipping heck, where did that time go?! It sounds like you are far more organised than I was when I had Grace – I packed the day before she was born! But to be fair, she was 10 days early. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

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