Slow cooker Beef Rogan Josh

One of my Christmas presents this year was a slow cooker, as I really want to embrace home cooking but am also mindful that I also want to keep our food bills down and that when baby no2 arrives I may be a bit pushed for time when it comes to cooking from scratch!

So a slow cooker seems like a perfect solution. I decided its first outing would be a Saturday night curry. Jamie and I have a “treat” meal on a Saturday night once Jake is in bed which is usually of the naughty / costly type ie curry, Chinese,pizza etc so if I can produce a home cooked version of one of these favourites that still feels like a treat it would be great.

Here’s my break down of costs:

Two braising beef steaks £3.80
Half tub of mushrooms £0.45
One large onion £0.50
Two tins of chopped tomatoes £0.70
Half a jar of curry paste £1.05
Cup of rice £0.40
Two nan breads £1.40
Half jar of mango chutney £0.65

Total cost £8.95

This produced enough curry for me to do four portions, two to eat and two to freeze so the cost per person per meal was £2.24

Usually if we get a take away curry we spend about £24 or if we get a fresh supermarket curry we spend about £16 so this is a great saving and we were really pleased with the flavour and taste of the curry, the beef was beautifully tender and the whole thing felt much healthier as we knew exactly what went into it.

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6 thoughts on “Slow cooker Beef Rogan Josh

  1. Sounds lovely, I will be bookmarking this page. out of interest do you brown off the beef before you put it in the slow cooker?

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