My monthly goals: January 2015

Wow it’s January already! Which means in a couple of weeks my blog is one year old! Writing down my monthly goals is something I’ve been down from the very beginning and I’m really glad I have as it’s nice to not only hold myself accountable to do things but also to be able to look back over the year and remind myself that I have actually achieved quite a few things.

Here are my goals for January:

1) Have a baby:

Baby no 2 is due on the 19th of Jan and I have a c section booked for the 29th if we do go that far over due, so either way we will be having a baby in January!

2) Make sure all baby items are ready:

This is more or les done already, but I know I’ll be going over and checking everything a few more times.

3) Do a couple more slow cooker meals:

I got a slow cooker for Christmas and want to build up an array of easy and cheap meals that I can just churn out as and when required without too much thought.

4) Keep on top of all housework:

I know this should be something I always do, but sometimes we do tend to fall behind and them it takes a “big clean” to get everything. Back to standard. My aim in life is to do my housework is small but often chunks getting things done everyday and I’m trying to get in the habit before baby no 2 arrives as I know my routines need to be firmly established in order to survive the new baby mayhem.

5) Start introducing Jake to the potty:

This is much sooner then planned. However Jake is constantly leaking through his nappy during the night and waking up very unhappy. The only solution we can see is to try to get him to have a wee on the potty before bed each night to help him stay dry.

That’s it for this month as I know having a baby is likely to turn our world upside down for a few weeks!

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