Things to do over Christmas with a toddler

There are loads of post out there about things to do with kids over Christmas, all of which I can’t wait to do when Jake is older, but at 18 months he is still a little young to do or fully appreciate a lot of the activities. So I’ve come up with a list of things to do with a toddler over Christmas, things that are a bit shorter or simpler to hopefully hold a toddlers attention but still add a bit of Christmas joy in the build up to Christmas.

1) Make a hand or foot print Christmas cards
2) Make a sensory tub with tinsel and hidden toys
3) Go and look at garden centre Christmas lights
4) Dance to Christmas songs
5) Do finger painting, then cut into strips and use to make a garland decoration
6) Colour in some Christmas pictures
7) Go for a walk collecting leaves, pine cones, holly etc
8) Do messy play with shaving foam “snow”
9) Sing nursery rhymes but change the words to be Christmassy
10) Play what’s in the box with Christmas items

I’m aiming to do all of these things with Jake this year, he may not realise or appreciate the Christmas connection with each activity, but I will and I know it will be something special I will remember doing with him.

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