My December goals

Firstly, how on earth is it December already!?!? I don’t feel at all prepared for winter, Christmas or baby No2! I just don’t know how all of this crept up on me, so I have quite a few goals for December, despite me saying in November I need to start slowing down due to being rather pregnant. It’s just not going to happen! So let’s crack on…..

1) finish decorating Jakes big boy room.

We managed to go to ikea and assemble Jakes new furniture in November so just have the finishing touches to do before he can move in!

2) Move Jake and all his clothes and toys into his new bedroom.

This makes me both excited and nervous. I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up, but am also conscious that we may be rushing the process slightly as we need the nursery freed up for baby no 2.

3) Get all the baby things out of the garage and set up ready for baby no 2.

We haven’t even started any of this yet, and it is actually starting to play on my mind, I must be starting the nesting phase of pregnancy!

4) Finish buying everything I need for Christmas

Despite me telling all members of our family that I will be buying presents early so as to not be waddling round the shops when heavily pregnant some people still haven’t to,d me what they would like for Christmas! I’m going to give it a few more days, then they all get vouchers!!!

5) Get the baby bag packed!

OMG I can’t believe that baby no2 is close enough that I need to pack my hospital bag!!

6) Try to pre write some blogs for when baby arrives.

I’m starting to get a good momentum up with my blogging now and don’t want to lose it all when baby comes. However realistically I know that blogging will be on the very bottom of my list of priorities for some time after the new baby arrives so I’m hoping to be as prepared as possible.

I think that’s enough to goals for December especially as we’re almost a week in already!

One thought on “My December goals

  1. Sounds like some good goals there, good to get organised! I think go with the vouchers for Christmas presents if they haven’t told you yet, save yourself any more stress and tick it off the list 🙂 xx

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