A day in our life: with a 17 month old

A day in our life with a 17 month old is still very similar to a day in our life with an 11 month old as we now have some good well established routines that haven’t changed much over the last six months. The biggest difference is that Jake is much more independent and often wants to play on his own without input from me. Here is how our day usually pans out..

7.30 am. Jake wakes us up. He is now generally waking up a little bit later which is really nice. We take it in turns each day to get Jake out of his cot, change him and dress him.

7.45 am. We all go down stairs. Jake has his milk followed by a bowl of weatabix with saltanas. He now eats his weatabix on his own with a spoon! Which is lovely to see and makes him seem so grown up! During this time Jamie and I both get dressed and have breakfast.

9 am. Jamie goes to work.

9am – 12pm. Jake and I will either go out somewhere either to a baby class (we currently do baby signing and toddler yoga) or will play at home in the livingroom. Jake is much more independent now when he is playing which gives me more time to do some housework / watch this morning : )

12pm – 1pm. Jamie comes down from work and we all have lunch together.

1pm. Jake will go down for a nap, he sometimes has a small nap in the morning, if so he will nap for about an hour. But if I’ve managed to keep him awake all morning he may have up to a two hour nap. During this time I get some housework done or sometimes have a little nap myself ( I am pregnant so think it’s justified! )

3pm. Jake wakes up and we either play at home or go out to the shops or for a walk.

5pm. Jamie comes back from work and plays with Jake while I cook dinner.

5.30 pm. We all eat dinner together.

6pm. More play time. Jamie tends to take the lead at this time of day while I enjoy watching their antics from the sofa. It usually involves lots of running around and screaming!

7pm. Jake gets his PJ’s on and sits with me for 15 minutes of quiet time with his milk before bed.

7.15pm. Jamie takes Jake up to bed and does a couple of books with Jake in his room.

7.30 pm Jake goes to bed.

So there was our day, over in a flash as usual!

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