Things I love about Autumn / Winter

Now that we a fully into the Autumn / winter season I thought I would write a little list of all the things I like about this time of year.

1. Frosty sunny mornings
2. The colours of the trees
3. Going for cold walks with a hot coffee in hand
4. Making and eating a warming winter stew in the slow cooker
5. Wearing my cosy pj’s and thick socks
6. Watching kids films on TV
7. Going to watch the Christmas lights being switched on
8. Drinking hot chocolate
9. Christmas : )
10. Not having to mow the lawn anymore
11. Wearing boots and leggings
12. Going to Christmas markets
13. Lighting candles
14. Sitting snuggled on the sofa wrapped in a blanket
15. Seeing frosty cobwebs outside
16. Baking cookies
17. Watching fireworks
18. Spending time with friends and family eating and drinking
19. Seeing my son experience the magic of Christmas
20. Eating chocolate

Hopefully on days when it is wet and miserable outside I’ll be able to remember all of the nice things that this season brings with it too!

5 thoughts on “Things I love about Autumn / Winter

  1. I need to do a list like this – I am not a natural winter person and need to constantly remind myself of the good bits! Yours is a great list … did you see my post about autumn colours – it explains how they come about if you are interested? Popping by with a bonjoir from France via #PoCoLo

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