My pregnancy beauty must haves.

Being pregnant is not glamorous. Fact. When I was pregnant with Jake I assumed I would just carry on with my very simple beauty regime and didn’t expect to need to buy any beauty or hygiene extras. I soon came to realise I was completely wrong and there are in fact a number of must haves that I wouldn’t be able to get through pregnancy without. Here’s my list:

1) stretch mark cream.

I’m proud to say I didn’t get a single stretch mark with Jake. I think the key to this was investing in a good cream very early on and using it on a regular basis well before my bump started to appear.

2) Day and night cream.

Once Jake was born putting on a good face of make up quickly become the bottom of my priority list and I soon started looking very tired ( obviously) I tried my best to use a good day and a night cream every day and this at least helped keep my skin clear and made me feel a bit better about my appearance as I could tell my skin still felt healthy.

3) Panty liners.

I won’t go into any details, but you just need them : )

4) Lip balm.

Looking after your skin and drinking plenty of water is really important during pregnancy and I tend to find the first place a lack of water shows on me is by getting very dry cracked lips so a good lip balm is a must to help with this.

5) Hair removal cream.

Usually I shave, but I swapped to using the cream towards the end of pregnancy as I found it easy to do once my bump got very large and balancing in the shower became tricky. The hair usually stays away a little longer too so it helped to not have to shave so often.

6 thoughts on “My pregnancy beauty must haves.

  1. Interesting post and so true, things are definitely different in pregnancy! With monkey I used stretch mark cream in my bump and got hardly any marks there, but didn’t think about my legs or boobs and so sadly they were covered! This time I slathered stretch mark oil everywhere and I didn’t get any so it is def worth using!! Xx #sharewithme

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