November Goals

As I’m now almost 30 weeks pregnant I know I need to be realistic with my goals for this month and not try to do too much, the problem is I also want to try to do as much as I can to make December and January as easy on me as possible. It’s all about finding the right balance I suppose.

Take Jake to baby yoga:

This is a new class that is starting up near us for 6 weeks. I’m very aware that Jake and I aren’t getting out of the house as much recently as I’m finding long walks with the pram a bit more tiring, and knowing that when the new baby arrives we will probably go through a period of not getting out and about much at all I really want to make an effort to do some quality activities while I can so this sounded right up our street and is completely different to any thing we have done before.

Get baby clothes out and sorted:

Everything is still in the garage at the moment so I’m feeling quite unprepared and know I will feel better once I have sorted through everything.

Paint both children’s rooms:

This is really one for Jamie to do now as we have been putting it off for a while : ) but our aim is to get them both done before Christmas.

Go to Centre Parcs:

We’re going to winter wonderland again in a few weeks and I can’t’ wait! It was so magical last year we’re really excited to go again and start feeling all christmassy.

Get the Christmas shopping done early:

I can not think of anything worse them trying to battle through the Christmas shoppers whilst heavily pregnant, so I’m aiming to get all of our presents bought as early as possible this year, so I can wrap them and then forget about them until the big day.

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