Living room mood board

The time (and money) has finally come for us to decorate our living room. Yippee! We’ve been in this house for 8 months now, and spend the majority of our time in the living room. So we have some very clear ideas on what we want to do with it.

The colour scheme:

We plan to have the three main walls painted in a duck egg blue colour, and paint the wall with the bay window a cream colour so that the curtains stand out more against it. Then the windows, doors and coving will be a crisp white.

duck egg bluecreamwhite

Soft furnishings:

We are going to get rid of our current brown faux leather sofa which has been with us for seven years! And get a much softer comfy sofa in a light grey tone (like THIS one from DFS) The carpet will be replaced with a speckled beige carpet with new underlay and the curtains that we currently have will remain, these are a striped with tones of blue, sliver and beige in them and are from Homebase HERE.

DFS dorset sofahomebase curtains



We plan to break up the blue walls by adding white floating corner shelves as well as having a wall for frames above the sofa all of which will be white and filled with some lovely prints and pictures which are yet to be decided on. Hopefully this will help the room lean towards light and bright as opposed to feeling too cold which is a fear for the blue walls. Here are some decor ideas, the images for these all come from Wilkos HERE.



We actually started painting the walls last night, and the carpet and sofa have both been ordered! So things are really moving along quickly and we plan to have the whole room completed in about 6 weeks time : )


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4 thoughts on “Living room mood board

  1. I am really struggling for living room ideas! In my last home I had duck egg, it was lovely, but you know when you just fancy a change? It looks like you will be all sorted for winter and then you can just sit back and enjoy it! #pocolo

  2. i am loving this colour scheme. The curtains are really nice. Look forward to the ‘after’ pics!

    I am in the process of decorating my home so there are some posts on how my redecorating is going if you are interested.
    Regards, Kads Life x

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