Baking Bread

I’ve always liked the idea of baking my own bread mostly because I don’t like the idea of how many chemicals / preservatives etc are in shop bought bread as I know bread can be made from such simple ingredients, but I’ve never really had the confidence to try to make my own – Why? I don’t know as it turns out to be ridiculously easy and very satisfying!WP_20140904_001

I followed a simple recipe by Paul Hollywod from the BBC Food website found HERE. The recipe was really clear and very easy to follow.

The whole process was really quick in terms of my involvement, you do have to leave the bread to rise twice for an hour each time, but in terms of the time I physically spent measuring, kneading etc it was probably less then 20 minutes in total!WP_20140901_001

I’m so please with the results, the bread tastes lovely and fresh and so much better then a shop bought loaf, with the added bonus of it costing much less! I certainly think I am going to keep making my own bread, so once I’ve really perfected this loaf I will try branching out a little further with different flavors and will invest in a cake tin.

To anyone who is thinking of baking your own bread I would really recommend you just give it a go. I have gained such a great sense of achievement from doing this and really feel like I am providing a healthy and tastier option for my family.


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