Living room mood board

The time (and money) has finally come for us to decorate our living room. Yippee! We’ve been in this house for 8 months now, and spend the majority of our time in the living room. So we have some very clear ideas on what we want to do with it.

The colour scheme:

We plan to have the three main walls painted in a duck egg blue colour, and paint the wall with the bay window a cream colour so that the curtains stand out more against it. Then the windows, doors and coving will be a crisp white.

duck egg bluecreamwhite

Soft furnishings:

We are going to get rid of our current brown faux leather sofa which has been with us for seven years! And get a much softer comfy sofa in a light grey tone (like THIS one from DFS) The carpet will be replaced with a speckled beige carpet with new underlay and the curtains that we currently have will remain, these are a striped with tones of blue, sliver and beige in them and are from Homebase HERE.

DFS dorset sofahomebase curtains



We plan to break up the blue walls by adding white floating corner shelves as well as having a wall for frames above the sofa all of which will be white and filled with some lovely prints and pictures which are yet to be decided on. Hopefully this will help the room lean towards light and bright as opposed to feeling too cold which is a fear for the blue walls. Here are some decor ideas, the images for these all come from Wilkos HERE.



We actually started painting the walls last night, and the carpet and sofa have both been ordered! So things are really moving along quickly and we plan to have the whole room completed in about 6 weeks time : )


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Things I’ll be doing differently with baby no2

As they say hindsight is a wonderful thing, this probably couldn’t be more true when it comes to raising children as the whole process just feels a lot like guess work and blind dumb luck. With this in mind there are a number of things that I would try to do differently with our second child to hopefully make the process of having a newborn a little easier for us second time around. Here’s the list of things I’m hoping to do differently:

1) Don’t hold the baby while he’s sleeping.

I think this by far was our biggest pit fall with Jake, we held him while we got him to sleep and then during the day as I was just resting and recovering from the c section I would continue to hold him the whole time he slept. I enjoyed being close to him, watching him sleeping and breathing in and out and falling in love with him, but I can see now that this is the reason why he also demanded to be held while he slept through the night also. Meaning Jamie and I slept in shifts so that one person could always be awake and holding Jake. This is not going to work for us at all second time around! So the baby will only know sleeping in a Moses basket / crib, of this I am quite determind.

2) Expressing some bottle feeds.

I intend to breastfeed again as I did with Jake. However due to family circumstances there were a few times that Jake had to be away for me for a few hours at a time, so I expressed his feeds into bottles. However as we weren’t regularly giving Jake a bottle feed he really struggled to get any milk and the whole process was very traumatic for both Jake and the person looking after him. This time round I intend to give the baby more expressed bottle feeds, perhaps one a day once we have established breastfeeding so that if circumstances do arise beyond my control I don’t need to be as concerned about the baby going hungry. This also will likely be helpful with me getting some more sleep as it will allow Jamie to do one of the evening feeds.

3) Have the house more prepared in advance of the birth.

At the time we felt we were prepared for Jake’s arrival, the house was clean and all his clothes we’re put away ready etc. We didn’t however have any frozen meals or easy to cook meals stocked up in the house in advance as we failed to see how difficult feeding ourselves was going to be with a newborn, as it turns out it was surprisingly difficult. We didn’t manage to get out and do a proper weekly shop for about the first month so Jamie had to keep rushing out to the local shop to buy a few bits here and there to see us through the next couple of days. This just added extra stress and cost to a time when we were too tired to think clearly. This time round I intend to have the freezer filled to the brim with pre made meals ( I’m sure some ready meals may creep in) as well as having my cupboards fully stocked with tins and dry goods and plenty of healthy food for Jake.

4) knowing when to say no to people.

Of course when you have a new baby in the family everyone wants to meet him and you want to show him off to the world also. However there were a few times with Jake when I was just so so so tired that having visitors in the house was actually painful for me to force myself to stay awake, look happy and not cry. This time round I know that the people who are visiting are all people who care for me and my family so they should understand if we have to cut a visit short or if I say they are welcome to stay and baby sit for as long as they want, as long as I can go to bed ( this would actually be quite ideal!)

Everyone says that having baby no2 is a lot easier then it was the first time round and I’m really hoping that they are right and that if we do manage to make these changes to how we do things it will makes things go as smoothly as possible for us. Only time will tell…..

A little announcement…

…Well, the time has finally come to tell the world that I am pregnant and expecting baby number two! I’ve kept this to myself for some time, but am actually almost 21 weeks pregnant, so we already know that we are going to have another little boy, and we couldn’t be happier!!

This is a large part of the reason why I decided to take a short break from blogging over the last couple of months, mostly because the early stages of pregnancy hit me hard. My main problem was suffering from extreme fatigue which saw me going to bed at at about 8pm every night, as well as napping during the day whilst Jake napped. Needless to say not much housework got done during this period of time!

Now that I have progressed further in my pregnancy I’m getting my energy back, have (mostly) caught up on the housework and am really looking forward to sharing the rest of my pregnancy journey with you all. Jake will be 19 months when baby number two joins us, so I am expecting to have a number of challenges but I am sure we will all get through and survive the transition from one child to two! Lots of people have told me that your second child is easier then your first so I just hope they are right!

In terms of giving birth I am still very apprehensive about this after our experience having Jake (read about it HERE) but am just trying to stay positive and not panic about it at the moment as I know ultimately the baby is going to come out one way or another!



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Baking Bread

I’ve always liked the idea of baking my own bread mostly because I don’t like the idea of how many chemicals / preservatives etc are in shop bought bread as I know bread can be made from such simple ingredients, but I’ve never really had the confidence to try to make my own – Why? I don’t know as it turns out to be ridiculously easy and very satisfying!WP_20140904_001

I followed a simple recipe by Paul Hollywod from the BBC Food website found HERE. The recipe was really clear and very easy to follow.

The whole process was really quick in terms of my involvement, you do have to leave the bread to rise twice for an hour each time, but in terms of the time I physically spent measuring, kneading etc it was probably less then 20 minutes in total!WP_20140901_001

I’m so please with the results, the bread tastes lovely and fresh and so much better then a shop bought loaf, with the added bonus of it costing much less! I certainly think I am going to keep making my own bread, so once I’ve really perfected this loaf I will try branching out a little further with different flavors and will invest in a cake tin.

To anyone who is thinking of baking your own bread I would really recommend you just give it a go. I have gained such a great sense of achievement from doing this and really feel like I am providing a healthy and tastier option for my family.