September Goals:

I’m not going to push myself to far with my September goals as I do have a lot of things going on at the moment and have been quite tired, so its best to know my limits in advance. But here they are none the less:

1) Get back into a blogging schedule. I don’t mind if my blog rate slows as long as I am able to produce quality and consistent posts with some sort of regularity. Whilst constantly reminding myself that blogging is my hobby and not my job!

2) Get some quotes in for our back garden fence.

3) Stay on top of the housework by actually following the schedule I made for us.

4) Sign up for the next term of baby signing classes. This will probably be Jake’s last term as he is starting to pick up some words now, but I really like the classes and having a bit of structure in our week.

5) Continue decluttering and organizing the house.

I’d like to think that these five things should be very achievable within the next four weeks. Having the goals written down always seams to help motivate me so I’ll let you know next month how I get on.


One thought on “September Goals:

  1. I agree with you, I like lists so I can tick them off as I go along and have something to focus on. The 1st one on your list is very true for me, I seem to spend a lot of time blogging when it is a hobby, I have a job and a house to run and kids to entertain. I wonder why I am so tired every evening! Good luck with your September Goals 🙂

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