Making some healthy changes

Now that summer is coming I have decided to make a few healthy changes to my life to generally improve my well being, lose weight and to set a good example for Jake. This is what I’ve decided to do:

1) Join the gym – Its a big step for us that we now feel as a family we have the time for both Jamie and I to go out at separate times and use the gym enough the justify the membership costs. For us this means we both aim to go at least three times a week. We’ve been going three weeks and so far I think I’m managing it. I’m determined to lose a bit of weight and I know that exercise will be the key to this for me.

2) Eat less crisps and chocolate – This ties in with the losing weight goal, but the main reason I came to this conclusion was to set a good example for Jake. We always eat lunch as a family and was really starting to feel like a big hypocrite serving Jamie and I something with a packet of crisps and Jake something with a piece of fruit. So we’ve all switched to fruit. It can only be a good thing!

3) Eat more fruit and veg – For the exact same reasons as above!


These are only small simple changes but I think they really could play a large part in improving my fitness, health and wellbeing as long as I can stick with it for the long term. Hopefully I’ll lose a bit of weight soon and that will give me the reassurance and motivation to carry on!

3 thoughts on “Making some healthy changes

  1. Good for you and hope all goes well. I can totally relate to feeling like a hypocrite by eating crisps in front of a little one when you wouldn’t want them to have them! As they get older it gets harder to eat things without letting them have some too so it really is easier not to eat them either (though then we tend to eat them during naps and after bedtime lol!). Best of luck! xx #allaboutyou

  2. Good for you lovely! I want to get fit. We have just come back from the dentist and even he has told me to cut down on the sweets! So I really should try and stop. It is hard when you are at home with the two little ones all day. I just want to snack! Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou xxx

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