Trying to become a gardener!

To be upfront and honest from the get go, I have little to no knowledge of gardening, we’ve never really had more then patches of grass and a couple of dying shrubs in pots in any of our previous gardens – and we struggled with that much responsibility.

Our current house which we moved into at the end of January  has a lovely well planted and well maintained garden. It really doesn’t require any work doing to it except some pots to brighten up the patio area. So the only task at hand really is to not ruin what we already have, which may be easier said then done in our house! I’ve no idea what any of the plants are or what is required for their upkeep. But I’m going to give you a little garden tour as to what I have to contend with…..

Starting with my absolute favourite plant in the whole garden is this amazing tree that has branches that have grown all along the side fence and has the most lovely purple flowers that are currently in bloom. You can see why I really want to keep this alive and happy!


In the back right hand corner of the garden is a concrete shed foundation, which as we don’t have a shed is home to some pots and the chiminea. I love how the purple tree hangs over the chiminea. I’ve no idea what are in the pots, but at least I’m watering them!


The lawn, which is raised, has well established boarders which a whole host of plants and shrubs, all of which I know nothing about, it sort of also has a bit or a “wild flower” feel to it with some of the flowers that are springing up, so far I haven’t done anything to maintain any of these boarders so I’m hoping a lot of these plants are self sufficient.



Now that the evenings are lighter and warmer, I’m really enjoying going out into the garden. It gives me some much need quiet time with my own thoughts and I’m finding it really calming and enjoyable. All I’m doing at the moment is watering the plants and mowing the lawn (a job a have taken from Jamie so I can spend more time in the garden) But I’ll happily do more, weeding, pruning etc. once I figure out exactly what needs to be done. As ever I’ll keep you updated, please cross your fingers that nothing dies!


11 thoughts on “Trying to become a gardener!

  1. I love pottering out in mine too! But don’t know what I’m doing! Good luck, look forward to hearing about your progress 🙂

  2. Your garden is beautiful. The tree is my favorite. I have a matured rhododendron and it has beautiful colour. When we moved into our house 4 years ago it was previously the home to a disabled lady and was unable to attend to the garden so was in a huge mess. We are getting there though slowly and Im learning as I go along. Looking forward to seeing your progress :o)

  3. I really like this post!! You’re gardening knowledge sounds a lot like mine 🙂 the chiminea on the shed foundations looks really lovely!
    Glad you’re enjoying your garden! We are going to attempt to do something with ours soon, it’s just not ideal as the soul isn’t great (it’s very sandy!!)

  4. That wisteria (the purple tree) is spectacular! What a lovely well established garden you’ve got. It looks perfect for kids. I hope you get plenty of time to enjoy it. I love my garden. This year I’m frowning veg in raised beds and strawberries 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

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