The nitty gritty of the Morrison’s shop

I’ve already blogged about our experience doing our weekly shop at Morrison’s since they have made a series of store wide price cuts (read about it HERE) but now its time to get down to the nitty gritty and tell you about what we have cooked and eaten and the actual cost per person for each of the meals. Please note I am not a food blogger or photographer and it really shows in my pictures, all I can say is I did my best : )

Fish, new potato’s and mushy peas:WP_20140511_002

Fish = Morrisons own breaded Haddock £4 for 4 = 50p each

New potato’s = 79p/bag = used two thirds = 26p each

Mushy peas = Morrison’s savers 16p = 8p each

Total cost per person = 84p each !!

I actually can not believe how cheap this meal was!!



Chilli con carne and rice:WP_20140507_001

Mince = Morrison’s lean mince beef £2.75 = used a third = 46p each

Chilli spice mix = Schwartz 84p = 42p each

Rice = Morrison’s small bag 90p = used 1 cup = 23p each

Tinned tomato’s = from my store cupboard 30p = 15p eachWP_20140507_002

Kidney beans = from my store cupboard 30p = 15p each

onion = 1 white onion 15p = 8p each

Total cost per person = £1.49 each





Cheese and salad wraps:WP_20140504_027

Wraps = 1 pack of 8 £1 = 13p each

Cheese = 1 large block £2 = 20p each

lettuce = 49p = 5p each

cucumber = half 25p = 3p each

Total cost per person = 41p each


Banana pancakes and yogurtWP_20140504_033


Banana = 43p for 5 = 9p each

eggs = £2.75 for 15 = 2 used = 37p

Yogurt = Morrison’s savers 45p = 10p

Total cost per person = 56p each


In summary I’m really impressed with the costs per person that these meals work out to be, especially the fish meal as this isn’t something we usually cook. But at this price I’ll be doing it much more often. I found the whole exercise really insightful and am actually thinking I should calculate the cost per person of all the meals I cook so I can work out which are the most economical and plan our meals around these findings – this might be an ongoing process, so I’ll keep you updated as to how I get on!




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