Monthly Goals: May

I’m a little bit late in recapping my April goals and planning goals for May as out holiday took us into May and then I blinked and another week had gone by! I just don’t know how it happened!!

Here’s the progress report on how I got on with my April goals:

Decorate the Kitchen – We’ve made a start by painting one wall and putting up some pictures, but have since decided we don’t like the colour and need to start again. sigh.

Send out Easter cards – yup – I sent out some lovely Easter cards I got from the Card Factory which were 8 for £1 and put in a lovely picture of Jake dressed as a rabbit in them  🙂

Go for a picnic – yup – We’ve had a couple of nice days in April and have managed to make it to the park at lunch time for a picnic.

Get some pictures up in our bedroom – Fail  – still can’t find the perfect pictures.

Paint the downstairs toilet – We’ve started but not finished

Make a plan for the Garden – I haven’t really made a plan, but I have planted some flowers and strawberry plants so I think this counts.

Work on Jakes photo book – Nope – not even looked at it – whoops.

Do some exercise every day – no again – I don’t even know why I wrote something so unrealistic! But IK have joined the gym and am averaging three time a week which I am pretty pleased with.

Take Jake to play group – Yep  – We’ve been a few times and Jake really likes it so we’re going to stick with it – none of the mums have talked to me yet but I’ll keep trying to look friendly : )

Do something crafty with Jake – Fail again – must try harder with this one

Celebrate my Birthday : ) – YES! We had a lovely day out shopping then went out for lunch, I also got a beautiful bunch of flowers from my two favourite men : )


OK now for May’s goals:

Keep going to the gym – and working hard whilst there.

Finish decorating the downstairs toilet and utility room

Get conservatory furniture

Put a chalk board up in the garden

Book a hair appointment

Take Jake swimming

Try to tweet more regularly to increase visitors to blog

Start going to baby signing again


3 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: May

  1. I love that you make yourself goals to achieve each month! I may have to take a leaf out of your book and do just the same. I’m currently decorating bits of the house and there is just SO much to do that it can overwhelm! But you sound like you’re getting through things just grand! Thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH x

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