Reducing our food shopping bill

I have mentioned a couple of times that I am actively trying to reduce the cost of our weekly shopping bills. Coming to the conclusion that I would do a little bit of shopping around but the majority of our shopping would come from Morrison’s (read about how I came to this conclusion HERE) WP_20140502_002

So it was brilliant luck that I applied and was chosen to become a Morrison’s mum. This entails Morrison’s sending me £80 of vouchers which absolutely made my day!! Thank you sooo much Morrison’s!! And blogging about my experience shopping, the costs of the food and the meals I cook. As I have chosen to shop at Morrison’s anyway, and I also blog about my shopping bills this is absolutely perfect me! Although I am very thankful to receive my vouchers, all my views will of course remain my own and I will be completely upfront and honest as ever : ) WP_20140502_005

The vouchers for me to do my shopping couldn’t have arrived at a better time as we had just returned from our week away in Mablethorpe so our fridge was completely bare and a large shop was needed. We headed straight out to our local Morrision’s  and got shopping!WP_20140502_007From this week Morrison’s have reduced their prices for thousands of everyday products, this was evident as soon as we walked into the store as everything that has dropped in price has a large “I’m cheaper” sign with it, and these aren’t just reductions of a couple of pence, of the products we often or sometimes buy I noticed some really substantial price drops. I’ve taken a few picture to illustrate this, but there were almost too many to choose from! So please excuse the large amount of pictures in the blog, but as they say a picture says a thousand words, and in this case stops me typing out all of the before and after prices : )WP_20140502_009

Morrisons say these prices are here to stay and aren’t juts a gimic to get people in the door while their prices creep back up. I hope this is true as there are a number of products that we regularly buy that are now a fair deal cheaper then they were. I can therefore confidently say that if I continue to buy exactly what I usually would from Morrison’s then my weekly shopping bill would be a good few pounds cheaper every week. This is great news for me as getting cheaper shopping bills without compromising on quality was something I was struggling with.

I will be doing a couple more posts on this topic over the next week or so going into some more detail as to what we bought and cooked and the saving we made.



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