Decorating the Kitchen

The last couple of weeks we’ve been working on decorating the back end of our kitchen. Here is the before picture:This end of the kitchen just hold the fridge freezer and a counter top that hold the microwave, under the bench lives the bin and recycling. Personally as we haven’t got any cupboards here I think it looks quite drab and boring. The most interesting features are the map and frames on the walls, so we decided to really make this into a feature try to get them to stand out and also make the kitchen look a bit more fun and family friendly. This is what we did.

1. Paint the wall a sort of pastel brown (Its left over paint, we’re just seeing what we thing of it)

2. Put up a pin board

3. Put up a chalk board (I total made this myself with chalk board paint!)

4. Put up some hooks

5. Paint the frames white

We haven’t finished yet, but we have made some really good progress, so this is where we are now:We’ve painted the back wall brown and left the other yellow – I think I much prefer  the brown as it goes better with the tiles, my worry was it would look dark and like it was from the 70’s – but I don’t think it does? So I think the other wall will be changing colour soon.

We’re not finished yet as a couple of the frames are still cream so need painting white, and I have a couple more pictures to hang, but so far I really love what we have done, it makes the kitchen feel more friendly and personal as well as functional and interesting so I’m really happy with the results!

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