Monthly Goals: April

Every month I think these posts are going to start the same with me saying ‘ WOW I can not believe it is (insert month) already!’ But really how is it April so soon?!?? The year is flying by so quickly!

So here is a summary of how I did with my March goals, before I get into my goals for April:

Start going for runs: Yes – I’ve got into a really good routine with my Dad that on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, we take a drive out to some local woodlands / lakeside and he takes Jake for a pram walk and I go for a run. This is working really well for both of us as he gets to have Granddad and baby time and I get to run without feeling like I am being selfish as I know Jake and Dad are both enjoying themselves too. As well as going for these runs we also completed the Sport relief 3 mile run in March so I think I get a double gold star for that!

Take part in the sport relief run – Yes – Jamie and I both did three miles and Jake and my Dad did 1 mile – Well done us!

Go to my sisters Hen party – Yes I did and it was Fab! Read all about it here.

Buy some frames and get some pictures up around the house – Yes, we still have more to do but this month we have bought and hung 7 frames and pictures. So that is definite progress, and will hopefully inspire us to keep up r new found momentum.

Have a family day out – Hmm – We’ve been out as a family this month, for a meal, a day out shopping and to other family events. But we haven’t had a whole ‘day of fun’ just with the three of us – so I think there is room for improvement on this one.

Reduce the weekly shopping bills – This has been on my mind all month, I am working on it, but I don’t think I’m making much progress.

Do some baking – Complete fail – not one thing has been baked : (

Ok, and now to Aprils goals…

Decorate the Kitchen

Send out Easter cards

Go for a picnic

Get some pictures up in our bedroom

Paint the downstairs toilet

Make a plan for the Garden

Work on Jakes photo book

Do some exercise every day

Take Jake to play group

Do something crafty with Jake

Celebrate my Birthday : )

I’m really looking forward to April, winter is over and it feels like a fresh start so I’m really energised and in the mood for making great things happen this month…. : )



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