Turning finger painting into magnets

This week Jake and I did a little bit of finger painting. I had Jake in his high chair and taped a piece of paper to the tray, then let him dip his fingers in the paint and encouraged him to smear it onto the paper as opposed to seeing what it tasted like!

Jake really enjoys painting, but it isn’t something that holds his attention for long, but as he was in his high chair I only needed to clean up his hands and face so even for a few minutes of entertainment its not to much hassle to do.

The thing about baby art is that one piece does tend to look like the next, and there are only so many paintings you can fit on your pin board. This is why I like to think of inventive things to do with our baby art, so that it can have a purpose and live a little longer in our household before it gets put in the bin – for example This piece we made for Jakes bedroom.

This time I decided I would use Jakes masterpiece to make some fridge magnets.

I’ve got some sticky backed magnetic sheets that are flexible enough to easily cut with scissors.  I cut Jakes artwork up into different sized pieces and cut out the magnet to match the size, then stuck the two pieces together. This is ridiculously quick and easy to do so I would recommend everyone buys some sticky backed magnetic sheets – I got mine off ebay for a couple of pounds.

The artwork makes lovely colourful magnets, that can be used to stick other creations or photos to the fridge. Jakes magnets are currently being used to hold one of his baby photos to our fridge.

7 thoughts on “Turning finger painting into magnets

  1. Such a great idea and a lovely way to keep baby’s ‘artwork’ when as you say it all looks pretty similar! Magnets always come in handy too so it’s win win! Thanks so much for linking with #creativechallenge

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