Sport Relief run



I am very proud to say that I have taken part in every Sport Relief run there has been, this year was my forth. It has always been a family affair for us, with my parents taking part or supporting and Jamie and my sister and her partner taking part too. We always follow up the run with a big family fry up which is a really nice tradition.

This years run was therefore difficult or us. It was the first without my mum, and the first with Jake – It is one of many bitter sweet moments I’ve had in the past 10 months and is something I find difficult to express or write about.

I’m glad I did the run as it has come to be a lovely family day for us, and I want that to continue.

Every other time I have ran I have done the 6 mile run, this year we only did three. I am a little disappointed that we weren’t able to run longer but as we now have Jake we haven’t been able to go for runs or train much at all, so signing up for the six mile run just seamed unrealistic. Completing the three miles is the furthest I have run since October last year, so it was the right thing to do and still felt like an achievement.

4 thoughts on “Sport Relief run

  1. Well done you for running three of the six! I doubt I would have been able to manage running one!! You did amazing and the fact you took part is amazing too. Thanks so much for linking up with the # madmidweekbloghop

  2. Congratulations on completing another run! I’m always in awe of people who take up these challenges. I’m really not sure I ever could take part in a race like this! I’m sorry it was bitter sweet but it’s great that you kept a valuable tradition going.

    • Thank so much for leaving a comment, I know you must be super busy with your new little one : ) Yes I’m glad we did the run again and I now know it will be something we will always do as a family, hopefully each year will get easier. x

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