A Happy Hen Party!

As I’ve mentioned previously, my big sister is getting married soon! Last weekend was her hen party, which is part of the reason why I didn’t blog much (or at all) over the weekend! In the interest of privacy I’m not going to share any photos of the hens at the party, but I will give you an insight as to what we did in case any other maids of honour need some inspiration in hen party, party planning!DSC05276

We decided to stay in rather then go out as it would help keep the costs down and wouldn’t put of any of the older / pregnant people on the invite list. We also thought staying in would be a better environment for people who only know one or two people.

We ended up having about 10 ladies attend the party, which seemed like a perfect number, as there was enough people to feel like we had a party atmosphere but not too many people that it felt overcrowded etc.

The plan for the evening went something like this:

3 – 5 pm Guests arrive to drinks, nibbles and chatting
5 – 6pm – Cocktail making and drinking : )
6pm – We had a mammoth Chinese takeaway delivered
7pm 8.30pm – Play some party games, inc a couple of quizzes & toilet paper bride-
8.30pm – Dessert, a chocolate fountain
9pm – Change into our PJ’s and play Just dance

We didn’t stick to any strict schedule or anything like that, but just sort of went with the flow and introduced games or ice breakers if conversation died down. As a present I made my sister a hen party hamper which had a whole host of cocktail making ingredients, sweets and dressing up items, which went down really well!

The evening went really well, and we all had a great time! In the morning we had a leisurely get up and breakfast and then walked into town to have a Sunday Lunch!

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