Review: Vauxhall Zafira

As a result of me not going back to work the sad day finally came when I had to return my company car : (IMG_0585

As the plan was always for me to become a stay at home mum, Jamie and I began saving for a new car before I even fell pregnant as we knew that I would eventually have to return my company car and shell out for a new one. When the time came for us to buy the new car we wanted something that would last us for years and meet our number one need of “space” ie enough space for all of our future children (potentially we’d like to have three children! eek!) as well as having enough boot space to accommodate a pram and the weekly shopping at the same time, which isn’t as easy as it sounds!

The main thing that brought our attention to the Vauxhall Zafira was the size and the price. We never expected that we would be able to afford a seven seater car for our budget, so it came as quite a surprise when we realised it was a possibility. As soon as I saw the boot space (when the additional two sets are folded down) I was sold! Simple as that, I was blown away!IMG_0584

Jamie had a more thorough decision making process. We took the car for a test drive which we we’re both really happy with, the drive was nice and smooth and the car felt sturdy and didn’t let too much noise in. The only negative that we had was that the top speed seams to be about 70 mph to keep things comfortable, so I wouldn’t really say this is a great motorway car. But for us this isn’t a problem, the majority of our driving is local town driving and we want safety and space.

The inside of the car feels really spacious, I love how high the seats are, you don’t need to stretch your legs out in front of you as your seats are so high your legs go straight down, it almost feels a little bit like being sat in a van, but in a good way : ) The high seats also give you a really good vantage point on the road. The only one criticism of the interior of the car is that there is no AUX port for you to play music from an IPod, only a CD player which Jamie was quite disappointed with, and for a 2012 reg car we just both assumed they came as standard – apparently not.IMG_0586

Obviously the biggest draw for us to this car was the boot space – which is absolutely huge! There is enough space for me to have the wheels to Jakes pram, the seat to the pram and our weekly shopping all in the boot at the same time, without even piling things on top of each other! The added bonus of the mega boot is that their are two additional seats hidden under the boot space (therefore there is no spare tyre) the seats are really easy to put up and down, though they are quite heavy, and the boot space once they are up is practically zero. However both seats can be used independently so you could easily have seat number 6 in use and still have plenty of storage space available.IMG_0589

In summary I’m really pleased with the car, it offers so much more in terms of size and space then I ever felt we would be able to afford and I expect this will be the car we will keep for years to come. I am one happy mummy : )

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