Book Review: How to Catch a Star

IMG_0613In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the release of ‘How to Catch a Star’ HarperCollins have released a special gift edition of the book. This includes a beautifully written letter from author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers and previously unseen illustrations. Jake and I have very kindly been sent a copy of the book from the lovely people at HarperCollins in order for us to review for our lovely readers!

Jake and I were very excited to receive our copy of ‘How to Catch a Star’. We had a quick look at the book when it arrived this afternoon, but saved the main reading of the book to do as part of our bedtime routine.

The book itself is a lovely size, its nice and big so the beautiful illustrations really stand out and the book is easy to hold on my lap whilst Jake sits with me and we can both read the book together. The story is quite simple and short, with only a couple of lines per page to read, although it is still a magical and enchanting tale. This is perfect for us as it’s just enough to hold Jakes attention and means we can turn the pages quite quickly in order to get to another beautiful picture for him to look at. IMG_0618

When bedtime came around we got Jake in his pyjamas and snuggled down on the sofa to read the book. Jake took real interest in looking at the pictures and colours as did I. Its lovely to have a children’s book to look at and read that is also enjoyable for the parent as well!

The book is aimed at children aged 2 – 7 but Jake is 9 months old and we found that this was perfect to go with our bedtime routine. We want Jake to grow up with the same love of books that we both have so we try to read to him as often as possible. ‘How to Catch a Star’ is a lovely wistful story that is illustrated with beautiful colours and pictures so I think it will be one of our regular go to bed time books for a number of years to come.  As long as younger children are supervised (so the pages don’t get ripped etc.) then I think this is just as suitable for younger children who get a regular bedtime story.IMG_1521

The ‘How to Catch a Star’ 10th anniversary addition will be available to buy from Amazon from the 27th March for £12.99 which you can get to by clicking here

As well as being lovely enough to send us a copy of the book to review HarperCollins have also sent me a copy to give away : ) I’ll be running a competition later in the week so that one lucky ready can win their own copy of the special 10th Anniversary edition of ‘How to Catch a Star’

5 thoughts on “Book Review: How to Catch a Star

  1. Ooh we’ve got this coming soon too! Very excited about it Glad you and Jake enjoyed it! xx #pocolo

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