A day in our life: With an 8 month old baby

Thankfully a day in our life with an 8 month old is very different to how things were when we had a newborn!

6.45 am Our day starts here when we hear Jake chattering away in his Cott. Jamie will go and get him and bring him into our room for a good morning cuddle. (I’m usually a bit wobbly on my feet first thing!)

7am We take it in turns each day, one person goes and gets Jakes bottle ready while the other changes his bottom. Jake then has his bottle in bed with us.

8am Jamie and Jake go downstairs while I get up and dressed – This is a small part of the day that I really value and apprechiate, having the time to get dressed in peace and quiet.

8.30 I go downstairs and get Jake dressed and give him his breakfast while Jamie gets dressed and ready for work.WP_20140220_020

9 – 12pm Jamie is working in his office. Jake and I will either go for a walk into town or perhaps the park or we will stay in a play in the living room. Jake will usually have about a 40 minute nap just after his breakfast and then sometimes another nap either just before or just after his lunch. While Jake is napping I will rush round the house challenge Anika style trying to do as much housework as possible while Jake is asleep.

12 – 1pm Jamie comes downstairs and all three of us have lunch together. Then Jamie and Jake do some quality daddy and baby playing and I welcome the chance to sit on the sofa!

1 – 5pm Jake and I spend the afternoon together, a couple of times a week we go out with my Dad who has a walk with Jake while I go for a run. Other times we might visit friends. If not we’ll spend the afternoon at home. Jake has his bottle at 3pm and probably have another nap too (more housework for me!) I’ll start cooking dinner at about 4.30 Jake will play in his travel cot which is set up in our kitchen while I cook.

5 – 6pm Jamie finishes work and we all eat dinner together, then do the dishes. For some reason this is also something I really enjoy : )

6 – 7pm Jake and Jamie have about half an hour so do some more playing. Then Jake has his bath and PJ’s on for about 6.45, he then has his bed time bottle sitting with me on the sofa.WP_20140226_011

7 – 10pm Jake goes to bed in his own room at about 7.30 Jamie and I then have the evening to ourselves to watch TV, play on the play station, have showers, read, blog etc.

We then go to bed at about 10pm, Jake will wake once or twice during the night, but usually just needs his dummy putting back in his mouth and he will go back to sleep.

All in all I have to say things are pretty idyllic at the moment. I really love that we now have time in the day for us all to have quality time with each other, and we’re all getting the sleep that we need – it really does make all the difference!

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