An A to Z of us!

I’ve recently seen a number of people do an A to Z piece all of which I really enjoyed. So I’ve decided to do one myself, hopefully it will be somewhere up to par with the others I’ve read!

A -Is for August as the Hubby and I got married in August, on a beautiful sunny day at Tamworth castle.285421_10150336784557324_7788680_n

B – Is for Birth – I had a traumatic C section birth which I am still trying to get to terms with, you can read about it HERE

C – Is for Carpet – My poor poor carpet has been taking a severe beating from Jake and his sick. We lay blankets down to protect it, use carpet cleaner weekly and hoover it but its still already been ruined in just the six weeks that we’ve lived here : (

D – Is for Decorating – We are in the process of decorating our new house. Its going to be a long journey but we’re enjoying the process.

E – Is for early mornings. We tend to be woken up by the little man at about 7am, Jamie doesn’t start work until 9am, so we both really enjoy our 2 hours of family time in a morning having cuddles in bed!

F – Is for Food – I am a big food lover! I’ll eat anything and everything my favourites are cheese, duck pancakes, curry, and pizza. I do refrain a lot as I try to be healthy but it will always be a struggle for me as I just really love my food.

G – Is for grey – This is our new favourite paint colour, we’ve just painted our bedroom and Jamie’s office grey and they both look fab!

H – Is for Holiday – Jamie and I have been on some amazing holidays together traveling all round Europe and to China and Sri Lanka. Now we have the little man with us this years holiday is to Haven : ) it’ll be different but just as much fun I’m sure!283620_735022883822_163321702_n

I – Is for Imagination – I have always had a very active imagination, this is the reason I give for my inability to watch any sort of horror film as I have the capability to scare myself senseless if I give things too much thought!

J – Is for Jake – The newest member of our family, now 9 months old, he crawls around like a maniac and is sick everywhere but we love him to bits!

K – Is for Kindle – I love reading. At first I was very opposed to the concept of a Kindle stating that I like too feel a book properly as I hold in and turn the pages, but I got one to go on holiday and was quickly converted simply by the ease of transport and the storage that it save you, both in your suitcase and around the home!

L – Is for Liverpool – Jamie and my dad are both big Liverpool fans, so therefore Jake is too! Jamie is really looking forward to taking him to watch a match.

M -Is for Magnets – As we have travelled to a lot of places we don’t have enough space in the house to buy a souvenir from everywhere we go, so instead we always buy a magnet to put on our fridge. Its lovely to see a little reminder of all the great adventures we’ve had.

N – Is for New House – We’ve been in our new house for almost two months now, and we love it!

O – Is for Outdoors – As a family we enjoy spending time outdoors exploring and going for walks. It is important to us that Jake grows up with an outdoors lifestyle.1234597_858089647042_971382802_n

P – Is for Poo – We have an 8 month old baby, so I’m sorry but a lot of our time and conversation does seem to revolve around poo! Has Jake pooed? What was the consistency? When was he last changed etc etc.. not to mention the couple of times as a new born that he projectile pooed on the wall opposite his changing table – I never even knew that was possible!!

Q – Is for Quick – Jake is crawling now and he is very very quick!

R – Is for Reading – Jamie and I both enjoy reading. It is another thing that we will be actively encouraging Jake to enjoy. We’ve already tried adding a bed time story into our bedtime routine but Jake just tries to eat the books and gets too worked up when we don’t let him. So we’ll have to try again when he is older.

S – Is for Sick – Jake is sick a LOT, I am now very used to three outfit changes for both Jake and myself and ten new bibs a day!

T – Is for Toys – I don’t feel like we have an excessive amount of toys, yet it still feels like we are completely overrun with them! Future toy storage is something I actually worry about!

U – Is for Upside down – Jake really likes to be held upside down. I don’t know why but he has just always liked it.

V – Is for Vegetable Curry – This is one of our new favourite meals. I make it using sweat potato, courgette, onion and mushroom, doesn’t break the bank to make and feels healthy too despite the curry sauce.

W – Is for Work – I have decided to be a stay at home mum and give up my career in procurement. You can read all about it HERE.

X – Is for X-Men – We’re not obsessed with the X-Men or anything but we do enjoy the films and ‘X’ is a very difficult letter to think of a word for!IMG_0585

Y – Is for Yummy – I am trying my very best to be a yummy mummy! This involves wearing “everyday nice” clothes, and trying to do my make up and hair every day – I don’t always achieve this, but I try my best : )

Z – Is for Zafira – Our new family car (Thank God it starts with a ‘Z’!!) its great, its so nice having a car that can easily have the pram and all of our weekly shopping in the boot at the same time – Amazing!

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12 thoughts on “An A to Z of us!

  1. haha great list – nice to know more about you and very well done finding something for each letter! 🙂 #pocolo

  2. Lovely post – what a great idea. The carpet and kindle sound just like me. We had wood flooring but changed to a carpet just after Jasper was born to make it cosy. It soon became covered in sick. Then we got a puppy…you can imagine what happened then. Needless to the say the carpet has now been changed. I too was vehemently opposed to the idea of a kindle when they were first released – love mine now though : #binkylinky

    • Thank you! WE wan to have a couple more children, which means there is no point getting a new carpet for years – I dread to think what it will look like by then!!

  3. Lovely post, nice to find out more about a newly discovered (by me) blogger. I am exactly the same about horror films. Can’t even look at a DVD case of one. Do you think there’s any connection between Jake being sick a lot and liking being held upside down? Hehe! X #pocolo

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