Monthly Goals – March

Wow – I can not believe that it is March already!! Where is this year going??

So its time for me to recap and hold myself to account over everything I planned to do in February, so lets see how we got on…

Our February goals were:

Go to Ikea – Yes – We actually managed it! We only went a couple of days ago so only just managed to get our Ikea visit done in February. Our trip was everything I wanted it to be and more : ) There will be an update on everything we bought shortly, but lets just say its a good job we upgraded to a bigger car!

Paint our bedroom and the office – Yes, this is all done too. Both were painted in the same colour grey which we are so happy with.

Go out for Valentines day – Another Yes, Jamie and I went for a curry at a local curry house that we hadn’t been to before and had a great time. This was only our forth time out without Jake with us so it really did feel like a special treat, even though we were only actually out of the house for two hours!

Go to see Robocop at the cinema – Fail here I’m afraid – going to the cinema was always a pipe dream really.

Cut down the weekly shopping bills – I’ve been trying to cut down on our shopping bills, but I’m not sure that I am actually managing it – this is something I will try to focus on a bit more in March.

Go for a family pram walk – Yes we’ve been for a couple of family pram walks and I’ve also been for a couple of walks with friends as well so we’ve had plenty of fresh air in February.

So I’ve done much better achieving my February goals then I did with January’s – Lets hope I can keep it up in March. Here are the March goals:

Start going for runs again

Take part in the Sport relief run

Go to my sisters Hen party – And make it as special for her as possible

Buy some frames to get some pictures up around the house

Have a family day out

Reduce the weekly shopping bills

Do some baking

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