Budget meals: Roast Vegetable Curry

As I’ve mentioned before one of my goals for this year is to reduce the cost of our weekly shopping whilst still eating healthy tasty food – which I don’t think is actually as easy as it sounds!

The past couple of weeks we’ve been having roasted Vegetable curry for tea which we both really enjoy and it works out very economically as well : )

IMG_1427I don’t make the curry sauce from scratch but buy it in a packet instead, this is the most expensive element of the dish, so I’ve been experimenting with different brands of curry sauce in ever decreasing prices. The best that I have found is the “indi grand” range that they sell in home bargains for 59p per packet, each packet says it serves 3 -4 people, but we use it for the two of us : )

We do roasted vegetables quite often so I always buy sweet potato, mushrooms, onions and courgette as my staple fresh vegetables even if I haven’t worked out a meal plan for the week.

I used 1 sweet potato, 1 onion, 1 courgette and half a punnet of mushrooms. I chopped them all and put them on a baking tray with a little oil and roasted them in the oven for an hour. I then added them to a pan with the curry sauce in and cooked plain boiled rice to accompany it.

From my weekly shopping bill I have worked out that the total cost of this meal was £2.74 in total, so £1.34 per person, it did actually also feed Jake too (yep he eats curry !) IMG_1425

Neither Jamie or myself felt like we were missing out on anything by eating a vegetarian meal. We both actually like that we know we are getting a good portion of veg. The curry sauce is really tasty and full of flavour and in no way taste like a cheap brand.

I’m really please with how this meal turned out, especially once I worked out how cheap it was. Its definitely going to become one of our regular mid week meals.

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4 thoughts on “Budget meals: Roast Vegetable Curry

  1. This sounds great, and what a bargain! A tasty curry, with a good amount of veg, for that little money? genius! It definitely takes a bit of creativity to have good food on a budget! Love it! Thanks so much for linking to #creativechallenge xx

  2. I quite often make veggie curries this way, it makes a good, tasty mid- week meal, and it’s a great way to use up veggies too so that you don’t have any waste, you can put anything in it 🙂 #CreativeChallenge

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