Going to soft play – Review Hilton Jangalla

I took Jake to soft play twice last week. We’ve been to soft play areas before that are a part of a larger establishment but we’ve never been to a large dedicated soft play. We went to Jangalla in Hilton to meet up with some friends in the week and then went back again at the weekend with Jamie. WP_20140221_001

I was quite taken aback with just how large the soft play area itself was – it was huge – three stories of child friendly craziness! I was also really pleased to find out that children under the age of 1 enter for free : ) which means that both of our outings were free – big Whoop whoop!

The first time we went was slam bang in the middle of half term and the place was literally full to the rafters and extremely loud. I don’t think Jake has ever really experienced a noise quite like it so I wasn’t really surprised that upon entry he burst into tears, which is very unlike him. I really think it was just a shock to him how loud and strange the place was.

We spent our time in the dedicate baby area. It took a good half an hour before Jake would even move from my side and he was quite tearfull through our entire visit, but he did relax a bit and start to explore his new surroundings.WP_20140221_006

I on the other hand was very impressed. There is a large seating area for the parents with comfy chairs and tables and a well equipped little café serving some lovely looking food and drinks. The soft play is obviously geared at children that are older, but to me that didn’t matter. There really aren’t any other places that are open all day long, and indoors where you can take a baby to play for free. Although the baby area was small it is still bright and colourful and provides a change of scenery for Jake.

On our second visit at the weekend we went right as the soft play opened and it was considerably quieter. We had no tears for Jake and were able to take him into the larger play area so he could go down the slides and play in the ball pit which he enjoyed. WP_20140220_004

Over all I can’t say a bad thing about soft play. I love giving Jake new experiences and taking him out and about, but have to be conscious of the cost involved, so I will certainly be a regular at soft play in the future!

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