A simple happy day

Today the sun was shining for what feels like the first day in months! So I bundled Jake up into his pram and we went for a walk to our local park where Jake had his first ever ride on the swings!WP_20140226_011

Going on the swings is such an ordinary simple thing to do. But it really did feel like a momentous occasion. Jake was out enjoying the world and interacting with it in a way he hasn’t before. It was lovely to watch and see him smiling and laughing as I pushed him back and forth, and I really have felt that I have achieved something with my day by helping my little boy gain a new experience and develop just that little bit more.

There really is nothing special about my son going on a swing. Many children have done it before, it takes no skill and is completely ordinary. But that’s the thing about being a mum. Your child is the centre of your universe and every tiny milestone is important and valuable in a way that is almost impossible to describe. Something new happened in our little piece of the world and it was lovely!

Its amazing to think of all of the things that he has achieved in the last two months.

At Christmas he hadn’t yet started crawling and now he crawls brilliantly, can pull himself up to standing and shuffles round the furniture. He’s also started waving. It both scare and excites me to think off all the things he will achieve in the next few months to come!

7 thoughts on “A simple happy day

  1. There absolutely is something special about going on the swing for the first time! I still remember the first time I took Potato. He thought it was the best thing he’d ever done. The photo I have of him giggling as he swings, is still one of my favourites, a year on! Enjoy all the moments, no matter how small they seem xxx

  2. Fab blog. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award. Pop over to my blog Time Out Raising Chill-dren to find out more.

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