A day in our lives – with a new born

When you have a baby in the house life is constantly changing. It doesn’t feel this way at the time, you think that two hourly feeds and living off four hours of broken sleep a night is going to last forever! Thankfully, it doesn’t. With each developmental change your baby makes your routine will gradually change with it. This is why I decided to start a series called “A day in our lives” where I will document what a normal day is like for us with Jake at different stages in his development. I’ll start with a little bit of a recap on what a day in our lives was like with a new born….

There is no real time of day to start a day in the life with a new born, as without a solid period of sleep it is very hard to establish when one day ends and the other begins, therefore I will start with 7am

7am – Feed Jake. I’ve been looking after Jake in the living room for hours while Jamie has slept. By now I’m at breaking point so I go upstairs and wake Jamie up. Jamie gets up and goes downstairs to Jake and I go to bed for a couple of hours.

7am – 9am – Sleep

9am – Jamie brings Jake upstairs to wake me up and I feed Jake in bed. Jamie starts work at 9am so its time for me to get up again. I get dressed while Jake watches in his crib, then I dress Jake and we go downstairs.

10am -12pm – Look after Jake in the living room. This consists of breastfeeding him every two to two and a half hours and changing his nappy almost as often. (11am Feed Jake)Jake has reflux so doesn’t sleep very well on his own, he will however sleep beautifully if he is being held. So a lot of our time is spent sat on the sofa either feeding him or letting him sleep. I’m sure daytime TV was on, but I am so tired I can’t remember watching any!IMG_0279

12pm -1pm – Jamie works form home (Thank god!) so he comes downstairs for lunch. He’ll make us both a sandwich and we’ll take it in turns to eat while the other holds Jake. Jamie being around for this hour allows us the time to do some household jobs quickly such as putting some washing in or washing some pots.

1pm – 5pm This is again time that Jake and I spend in the living room (1.30 Feed Jake) we’ll do a little bit of tummy time on his play mat but mostly he will want to be held so he can sleep and of course feed (3.30 feed Jake)

5pm Jamie has finished work so he comes downstairs to start dinner.

6pm Eat our dinner and do the dishes.

6.30 Feed Jake. We’ll then give Jake his top and tail wash before putting him in his sleep suite ready for bed (not that he actually really goes anywhere)IMG_0543

8pm Feed Jake. After Jake has fed I will go up to bed.

8pm – 1am – Jamie looks after Jake downstairs while I sleep upstairs, every couple of hours Jamie comes and wakes me up so I can feed Jake in bed. (10.30pm feed Jake /1am Feed Jake)

1am – Jamie is exhausted an comes to bed. I get up and go downstairs to be with Jake.

1am – 7am – I look after Jake downstairs. Trying to get his to sleep in his crib – this usually lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time, so I get some small cat naps where I can. (3am feed Jake) I stay up as long as I can so That Jamie can get a good amount of sleep.(5am Feed Jake)(7am Feed Jake) When I reach breaking point I go upstairs and swap with Jamie, who will let me sleep until it is time for him to start work.

And then the cycle begins again…..

At the time it really did feel like my life was one constant blur of feeding and hold Jake. In reality I think we worked this pattern of Jamie and I sleeping in shifts for about 9 weeks.


15 thoughts on “A day in our lives – with a new born

  1. This was totally me! – except we had sky movies so I KNOW I watched every shitty RomCom going! haha. I also went through a period where I didn’t go out much, it felt like too much hassle and I was sooooo tired (I’m one of those people who go a bit – a lot – crazy when sleep deprived) but it can’t have been good for me. I had a friend come over with a baby a few weeks older than Reuben and she was like, pull yourself together, man! So I might go out for a little bit in order to justify my next film 😉 xxx

  2. It’s so easy to forget what it’s like to look after a newborn, but after reading your post, it’s all come back to me. You do whatever suits yourself and your family #AllAboutYou

  3. Thank you so much for linking up with Share With Me. I am enjoying reading your blog post and learning more about you. I can relate to your post so much as Missy Moo is only 8 months old. It’s still very fresh in my head the never ending cycles we do with our newly babies. Lovely photos too. You will love that you documented them for your little one. I wish I was blogging when my first was born!! Lovely to meet you and your blog. Hope to see you again soon!

  4. Ooh blimey I think I’ve pushed thoughts of those days to the back of my memory bank – it’s certainly very hazy but maybe that was because of sleep deprivation! Good to see how much help Jamie was though and that you took it in turns a lot, helps to have a supportive partner doesn’t it!? #sharewithme

  5. Wow! When it’s written down like that you realise just how hard it is, and to think sleep deprivation is used as a mode of torture…

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