Review: Day out at Rosliston Forestry Centre

This week we went for a day out at Rosliston Forestry Centre. The centre is fairly local to us and is free to enter. The only thing you have to pay is £2.50 for all day parking. You can also buy an annual parking pass, which is something I think we might invest in in the future.WP_20140220_013

The forestry centre is basically a large outdoor nature centre, their are paths and trails that you can easily walk around with a pushchair. Everything is really well signposted and their is loads of information about the trees and wildlife as you walk around. As well as just being able to walk around the trails and footpaths there is also a large outdoor play ground, as well as a small indoor soft play and a lovely café which had a beautiful wood burning stove belting out loads of heat, which was just lovely as it was quite a chilly day.

As Jake is still pram bound for these sorts of outings we went for quite a long walk through the woodlands, thankfully the weather held out and we didn’t get any rain. We then spent a little time in the soft play area before going for lunch in the café. The food in the café was very reasonably priced as well as being fresh and tasty. There were plenty of high chairs available and the staff were happy to heat up baby food for us (always important to know if places will do this!) I should add that there are loads of outdoor picnic areas where you can eat, which is something we definitely will be doing in the summer.WP_20140220_007

As we were leaving the centre I picked up a leaflet to have a quick look at what else they offer and was really impressed with the range of activities they provide (at a small cost) from bike rides to nature walks as well as laser combat and orienteering. They have a full range of activities that lasts the whole year.

I love taking Jake to local attractions, especially ones where I can see us coming back for years to come! The fact that the centre is local to us and free makes me so happy to live where we do, I have a feeling that Rosliston forestry centre will play a large part in providing the outdoor childhood we want Jake to have.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Day out at Rosliston Forestry Centre

  1. i just found your blog, it is brining back such nice memories of when my son was a new born! I stay home with him and love it (I’m a WAHM, at least for these first 4 years!).

    Good for you for getting out, getting fresh air and discovering local attractions. Especially since when they are this young they will sit still i the stroller!!

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