Five little things that make me happy

Part of my mission as a housewife is to create and nurture a happy family home. I’ve been making a conscious effort recently to do this by taking note of the things that make us as a family happy, and making sure these things happen. This may sound simple, and really it is, but it is so easy to let things slip just to save a few minutes time or effort. There are a few very easy things that I feel generally improve our home life and just generally make me happy:BgcjvWOIgAAcs64

1) Having fresh flowers in the house. I love flowers they are sunny and happy and always cheer up a room. I’m trying to make an effort to buy a cheap bunch of flowers every couple of weeks, it doesn’t blow the budget, and I tell myself that this is my treat to me instead of buying myself chocolate or an indulgent pudding, I get more pleasure out of the flowers and my waist is happier too : )

2) Playing loud happy music in the kitchen. I love our new kitchen and I want to enjoy spending more time in the kitchen. I love listening to music and just generally enjoy have a bit of a sing and dace around the kitchen while I’m cooking or cleaning. I find when I have happy music on, I’m happier to spend more time in the kitchen (so more nice things get cooked, and the kitchen stays clean) and I tend to find this seems to me to feel like a better way to spend my time as opposed to having the TV on in the background. To me a house with music is a happy home.

3) Warming pyjamas on the radiator. Jamie and I had a conversation a while ago about the lovely things our mums used to do for us when we were young. We both said that they would warm our pyjamas on the radiator before we got ready for bed. There is nothing nicer them putting on a snuggly warm set of crisp clean pyjamas. Knowing this, why on earth have we never done it for ourselves?!  Well, needless to say this has now been addressed! Every time I put on my lovely warm pyjamas I smile, and every time I lay Jake’s little sleepsuit on the radiator I feel like a real mum.

4) A lovely smelling house. Now our house is not a smell house (well, sometimes certain rooms can smell of sick / baby poo ) but having a house that doesn’t smell isn’t the same as having a house that smells beautiful. I don’t want the house to smell “artificial” buy having too many chemical air fresheners. To try to keep the house smelling lovely and fresh, I try to open the widows to get as much fresh air in as possible, I use neutralising odour air fresheners that get rid of bad smells as opposed to pumping out new smells. I also use natural read diffusers in some rooms and have flowers in others. I think having a room that smells nice just makes me feel like I am in a calm clean environment, which just generally harbours contented happiness.

5) Having dinner at the table as a family. It would be so easy for us to eat at a separate time to Jake and to eat on our laps sat in front to the TV, but since Jake was born we eat at the table as a family. This goes back to Jamie and I discussing the way we want to raise our children and both recognising the importance of eating dinner as a family at the dinner table in our own childhoods. Now that we are in the habit of doing this we both enjoy it (I’m sure Jake does too) its nice to devote some time as a family to talk, without the TV on or any other distractions and to enjoy each others company.

All of these things are easy to do they just require a little extra thought. But each adds to our quality of life and plays an important role in the happy family home environment that I want to create.


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5 thoughts on “Five little things that make me happy

  1. Ah! Lovely things to do Lisa. I wish we could all sit down and eat as a family but with my husband working varying shift patterns and me working part time and the children being starving hungry the second I get home from work this just never seems to happen. We are going to have a brand new bathroom soon so I’ll probably want to spend all my time in there which will be a lot less productive than being in the kitchen! Still we’ll always have a nice clean bathroom!!

  2. I am right there – I love nothing more than throwing open the garden doors, playing music and looking at beautiful fresh flowers while the scents of a gorgeous candle waft through the house! Little things make a difference in life! Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou

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