Reflections of a new blogger.

I’ve been blogging for just over a month now and have found myself over the past week reflecting on what I have achieved so far in the blogging world and starting to think about the direction I want the blog to take.

I started the blog with a “no pressure” approach, I’ve never blogged or “written” anything before so I just wanted to allow myself free reign to see how things go. So far I’ve really enjoyed the blogging process, my main reason for starting the blog was to keep my brain active and to help feel connected to the wider world as being a stay at home mum can be quite isolating at times.

I have found that the blog definitely addresses both of these desires. I’ve really felt welcomed by the blogging community, essentially through my social interactions on twitter and have felt truly humbled that people have taken the time to read and comment on my blog. The added benefit of the blog is I think it helps to balance my ( very small amount) of free time, usually this is a couple of hours in an evening when the little man is in bed. Really the only thing hubby and I had to do was watch tv or read, so having the blog to write adds a new dimension to things which is something I have enjoyed.

At first I was blogging every evening, I think this is primarily as I had a back log of things in my mind that I really wanted to write about. In this last week or though I have struggled a little with thinking of what to write and if I’m honest I feel as though I have written too many short ” filler” posts that I did in a blind panic of having to hold myself to an ideal of blogging every day. This is something that I think has got to change.

I enjoyed reading a number of blogs before I became a blogger myself, and now that I am interacting in the blogging world I find myself wanting to read every blog I come across! I really have been struck not only by the sheer number of blogs that are out there, but by the great writing that everybody does, to feel I am not worthy of holding this company is an understatement, and in part the reason why I have taken a reflective look back on my blog.

I’m only a month in so I know I shouldn’t expect any great things, but I think it’s important to recognise both your achievements and areas you can improve upon in something.

To start with the positives. I have managed to launch the blog and generally understand wordpress to manage the blog myself, which feels like an achievement in itself! I have also joined twitter, pinterest and launched a blog facebook page and am getting to grips with each. I have written 30 odd posts, some of which I think are ok. A lot more work is involved with running a blog then I expected, but I am enjoying each challenge and getting a sense of achievement when I master something new.

Here are the areas I would like to improve in:

1) I think a lot of my posts are too short, and written too quickly. This is mainly due to me trying to publish a new post every day. I think my blogging would actually improve if I slowed down a bit, and took more time over each post, doing it as a draft first, then checking it before posting, I’d rather do quality posts every couple of days then quick rushed posts every day.

2) My photos just aren’t good enough. This is basically due to the majority of my photos being taken on my phone or the ipad. I’ve notice in a lot of blogs people seem to take near professional photos, this worries me as I am not a photographer. In the short term I will just make a conscious effort to improve my photos, long term I may have to think about, getting a camera, learning how to use it and learning how to use photo software on the computer – this all feels a bit overwhelming at the moment!

3) I think I need to improve my content a little i.e take more time, and think about the language I use, I want to be expressive and descriptive and show my personality at the same time. Hopefully slowing down and taking more care will help address this. It will probably help my general grammar and spelling improve a bit too!

4) Improve the look of my blog. I’m getting to grips with wordpress but know there is still a long way for me to go to get the blog looking really good. One step in the feature will be to get a custom design header / background – I’ve no idea how to go about this at the moment but will look into it soon.

Hopefully you will start to see my blog gradually improving over the next couple of post. I’d really welcome any advice experienced bloggers could give me so please feel free to comment below!

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16 thoughts on “Reflections of a new blogger.

  1. Really interesting post and you’ve got to find the balance that’s right for you and make sure you enjoy it. Like you say it’s better to write posts that you are happy with, and you feel best reflect you, than to write posts in a rush to get something out there every day. My approach to blogging used to be really relaxed, then I joined twitter and became more a part of the lovely blogging community. It’s wonderful and I’m enjoying that a lot but I do feel pressure to have amazing photos, to be really witty, and to blog, a lot. I am enjoying the pace of it but I need to be a bit more organised, and try not to worry if I don’t get a new post out there every day, or if I can’t join in with every linky. Like you I have discovered blogging isn’t only about writing the blog, there’s a lot of work involved! Good to stop and take stock sometimes 🙂 Thanks for sharing (sorry for the epic comment!!) xx

    • Thanks Caroline, long comments are always welcome! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels the blogging pressure, I agree that some of this does come from twitter as I’m always seeing how well everyone else is doing – and making it look so effortless! Thanks for commenting xx

  2. I love the idea of doing a reflection post on how your blogging is going, it’s a nice way to monitor your progress and I also think this is helpful to other new bloggers too (like me 😊)
    It will be nice to watch your blog evolve! Xx

      • Overall really positive!! Like you I have found the blogging community to be really welcoming and supportive!!
        I’ve had to give myself a break from time to time, I think like you I started as a way to stay connected with a world outside of being mummy, but I have been finding myself feeling a little overwhelmed with how far you can go with it!!
        My goal is to try and grow my little blog while sticking to my roots 🙂 xx

  3. Hi, I think it’s great that you’ve looked back at your first month blogging like this. Kind of wish I had. I’m four months in and like you often feel overwhelmed by the bigger blogs and I’ve realised too that there’s so much to do to design/write/run/promote/develop a successful site. Time is a big issue for me as I’m back working three full days a week.

    Much as I’d like to, I know that right now I simply can’t post every day so since the beginning of the year I’ve committed myself to 3 to 4 posts a week, which has been manageable. Two of these are linkys I always take part in – Word of the Week and 300 Picture Book Challenge. These are great for taking a bit of pressure off while having regular content but both are on subjects that really appeal to me and will be great to look back on and see how things have progressed. I then try and do one bigger, more original post with wider appeal. This one usually takes me a day or so (on and off) to put together. If I get time the fourth post is likely to be something shorter and more personal, like a little family story or photo. I find a mix of longer and shorter posts works well for me.

    I’ve also found keeping an ongoing list of ideas useful as I no longer end up scrabbling around trying to find something to write about like I did in the early days! But there is still so much I’d like to do, things like a custom header, my own regular feature for others to link up with and I’ve barely had a chance yet to get to grips with analytics and SEO!

    You’re definitely not alone! Good luck.

  4. Love this post. I agree at first I didnt write much , but the more I blog then better I get at not struggling with what to write.
    Try not to be to hard on yourself , everybody learns somewhere so you will be able to pick uo photography as you go along if that is what you wish to do.

  5. For one month in you’re on fire! I love short posts btw, nothing wrong with a short, brilliantly crafted post, in an age where the internet is seemingly full to bursting point with blogs, keeping it simple but effective has to be where it’s at!

    Photography – I use my phone for all my images – iPhone 5S. Have you discovered all the apps you can use to help edit your photos? The #BetterPhotosProject Week 5 post over on Love All Blogs has a great list. Also, I use to resize and edit my pix, it works wonders.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou

  6. You are so good to stop and take stock – it is so easy to get caught cartwheeling downhill with blogging, but I think that it is important that you maintain joy in what you are doing. As you have picked up already, there is a lot more to blogging than merely writing the posts, and it can definitely feel overwhelming. I aim to do 3 posts minimum a week – and don’t beat myself up if I don’t. There’s nothing wrong with short and snappy posts, as long as you are happy with them. I’ve been pretty guilty of being overly verbose so trying to rein it in! I also think that linkys can help to inspire or direct your thoughts if you’re stuck for ideas on what to write. Another good tip can be to have a basic calendar – so pinpoint very roughly what you want to write about when (I usually do style and possibly recipes or a review on a Monday, All About You on Tuesdays, and then Work.Life.Balance? interview on Thursday, and perhaps another general post and Silent Sunday – but then if I don’t feel like doing one of those, apart from All About You, I don’t!). Enjoy the journey, you’re clearly already on track!

  7. I’m in the same boat as you, I started about a month ago too and was thinking of entitling my next blog post “under pressure” as I feel under pressure to write better and better posts, which is really silly as I think only my mum and a few friends read my blog! Looking at the number of comments on this I think you’ve done great and 30 posts is a lot! I have decided to do “Monday night blogging” only as to be honest not much else happens on Mondays except for my beloved pilates class. I think you’ve achieved a lot and will now follow your blog (found it via the amazing Zaz from mamaandmore).

  8. What a great post. It’s always good to take a look at what you’ve been doing to have a clearer view of where you’re going. I did this recently. I don’t think short posts are necessarily a bad thing, I enjoy reading little snippets of peoples lives. xx

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