Getting loved up for Valentines day!

I am a believer that valentines day is a generally a money making enterprise. However I am never one to pass up the offer of my other half a) telling me he loves me b) buying me flowers c) Us going out for dinner minus the little man  d) all of the above : )

In conclusion I am in fact a giant hypocrite! But I don’t care because I’m getting flowers tomorrow!!

I have therefore decided to show the love and have a little jaunt down memory lane by sharing with you a couple of photos of Jamie and I in our six years together. We’ve grown up and changed so much since we first met, we’ve seen the world together, and started a family – I am very aware that I am one very very lucky lady : ) xx

P.S Have you noticed that we are like Ant & Dec and always stand on the same side! hahaha – That’s because Jamie thinks he has a bad side! lol


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