Baking scones

imageJake and I have been stuck in the house for most of the week as the weather has been so awful and he is recovering from a cold. We’ve spent plenty of time playing with his toys in the living room, jumping around in his jumperoo and following me around the house while I do housework. So to give us something different to do I decided we would bake some scones.

I used a basic recipe from the BBC food website which can be found here:

The only changes I made to the recipe was to add more flour as it was too sloppy to use as a dough at first.

To be honest Jake didn’t really contribute much to the scone making, but he enjoyed sitting in his high chair and squishing dough between his fingers while I quickly made up the scones.

The scones turned out beautifully, they rose really well and went a lovely soft golden colour. We ate them after dinner with strawberry jam : )image

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