A much needed day off.

Tomorrow will be the longest amount of time I have been without Jake as Jamie is looking after him so I can have some quality time with my sister.

Is it wrong that I’m actually looking forward to my day off from mummy duties as if I were going on holiday?

Here’s all the things I’m looking forward to:

1) Picking an outfit out in the morning knowing I’ll be wearing it all day with out the need for an emergency “my baby has been sick all over me” change of clothes.

2) Going to a coffee shop and having a coffee. This entails being able to drink it while it’s hot, and being able to set it down on the table within reach.

3) Being able to walk around without pushing a pram. I will enjoy this by skipping up the stairs in all the shops I go to instead of getting lost trying to find there lift and waiting ten minutes for it to arrive!

4) Carrying a handbag instead of keeping everything in a changing bag full of dirty bibs.

5) Eating lunch without having to give any food away or pick anything up off the floor.

I will of course miss my little man and I’m sure I will find it strange without him, but everyone needs to have a little time to themselves to recharge their batteries, and at 8 months old I think my “me day” is well overdue!

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